Nine Bar Bets You'll Never Lose

You know what's better than an evening bar crawl where you drink yourself silly? An evening bar crawl where you recoup every last penny you spent on booze with this series of nine pub bets you're always guaranteed to win.

They were cooked up by R. Paul Wilson, the writer and host of one of those 'how not to get hustled' shows. So some might call a few of these bets a straight-up con. But they're not. Technically. Every single one is solvable as long as the other person thinks outside the box. It just so happens that's usually impossible when the person you're betting is drunk as a skunk, so consider these as just slightly tipping the odds in your favour. [YouTube via BoingBoing]


    These were interesting enough that I thought I'd search for some other hustles. Eventually, I found a really interesting site called Hustler. Anyway, what was I looking for again?

    More like eight ways to get your head smashed in by some angry drunks.

      My thought exactly. No one likes a smart arse.

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