Nexus Q Teardown: Not That American After All

Last week, Google announced the strange-looking Nexus Q: a media streamer built by Americans for... well, we're not exactly sure who it's for. But iFixit has taken a look inside, and it's not quite as American Google might have you think it is.

Perhaps that's not surprising; it's packed with circuitry, and it would be almost impossible to build a unit for $US300 without relying on some Asian parts. Actually, the guys at iFixit do a very thorough job of establishing the origin of each and very component, though it's not always easy. The 16GB of flash storage, for instance, could either have been produced in South Korea or Texas. Give Google the benefit of the doubt on such ambiguities though, and it seems like they've put a lot of effort into making it as American as possible -- it's just no thoroughbred.

One nice finding is that iFixit highly praise the device over how straightforward it is to get into and fix. It's a DIY dream -- unlike some of Apple's latest offerings. [iFixit]



    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    So if australian milk was milked here and bottled here but the cow is from (insert country here) that doesn't make it "not so australian after all". Your biased review is so awesome technology lovers huh. Haha

      Yes it does.
      The cow's farmer is in (Insert country here) and money is leaving this one to go over there for his payment.
      Not 100% Oz at that rate.

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