Nexus 7 Won't Launch With Google Music, Magazines Or TV Shows In Australia

After it was revealed that Google would neuter the Nexus 7 in the UK at launch, Google Australia have today confirmed to us that the same will happen here: the flagship Nexus 7 will launch without many of the features the web giant touted at the I/O conference a month ago.

The Inquirer reported overnight that the Nexus 7 wouldn't have TV shows, magazines or music available from the Google Play store at launch. That sucks, but what's worse is that Australians won't get the Google Play goodies either.

Google Australia confirmed this morning that Google Play wouldn't carry TV shows, magazines or music in Australia when the Nexus 7 launches.

Google made much of its revamped Google Play store at I/O a few weeks ago, but now it looks like users outside of the US are set to miss out.

Does this turn you off the Nexus 7?



    Nope. Anyone who has been an Android user for a while will probably know / have noticed the gaping holes in the Australian Google play store, and have expected this news to be the case. It would have been a big surprise to me if it wasn't. I have an iPad already and the only thing I use on it is iView, once Android has iView I want be using my iPad anymore, and I have never paid for an overpriced TV show from the iTunes store. Movie yes, but TV show no.

      While I don't care for their music and TV, magazines is a sore blow. I'd love for all my subscriptions to go digital but even iTunes has this problem as they're still missing Empire AU and a few others. The only ones I found worth the fee were MAD and Esquire.

      Note that Music is very easily bypassed and functions in exactly the same way as America's once you set it up, including music streaming over cellular (quality depends on your carrier). I don't see the gimped Aussie Play Books any loss either, since I never bought iBooks and got them all from Amazon anyway,

      I've been using iView on Android for at least two years? Works great.

    Ordered a US one with the help of a friend, plan on running it though a VPN to keep access to all the goodies.

      You still won't be able to access TV Shows, Google Music however has always been easy to circumvent. Just DL the API and use a VPN when uploading your music.

        You don't even need to use a vpn to upload your music, well I didn't. Just used it to originally sign up for Music and then once its verified, it can be used anywhere in the world.

    Yes and no. I prob wouldn't use TV magazines n music but if I had the option I might

    The lack of 3G, expansion slots already put me off, this will put me off even more.

    Australia always comes last in the world.

      I don't know why it's such a huge feature for some people. Just buy a wifi capable dongle. It'll save your tablets battery life in that case.

      At least you live in an amazing country so be happy and smug about that!! I, however, live in cold damp wet Scotland, and this is summer i'm talking about. I too am slightly annoyed at lack of content, in particular, magazines.

      I don't get the complaints about 3G. Any recent phone has the ability to act as a hotspot. Why pay for 2 3G services when you can just use the data from your phone plan? And just leave all the heavy downloading until your at home on wi-fi.

    I wasnt really planning on getting one, but none of this came as a suprise. Being in Australia people should be used to this.

    ill be getting a Suface tablet when they come out in a few months.

    Nothing to buy here..
    waiting for the Surface or something similar

    To those who have had a 7 inch tablet, does the 7 inch size suit you perfectly for reading books? Or do you have to pinch, zoom, spit?

      I have an Optus MyTab that I picked up during the fire sale... Works perfectly well for reading books (I spend up to 3 hours a day glued to the thing while on public transport), though it does seem like most ebooks are formatted for viewing on a slightly larger screen, so you get the occasional half page here or there when viewing at standard text size...

        ... that might have something to do with the really low resolution of the MyTab (800x480)...

      Most paperpacks have smaller pages than the 7" screens so yes, you can very easily read books on these screens. If anything, they're better for reading on an iPad because it's less strain on your palms and much easier to read on your side (as I often do in bed with no lights and 'white on black' text)

      Mate to be honest, its absolutely perfect for reading books

    Nothing unexpected; we don't get those now, and there's no reason to think that'll change any time soon.

    I wonder if s47 of the Trade Practices Act (the Exclusive Dealings section) applies here.

      For my part, 7" screens are perfectly fine for reading, so long as the resolution is good and text is clear. They're about the size of a paperback page , and can easily fit the same number of words. You can also adjust the size of the text to suit.

      Personally I like a phone screen for reading, especially when reading in bed. I hold it closer to my face, so it's subjectively a similar size, but it's lighter & more convenient than a book, not to mention backlit.

    so not only do australians have to pay more for the tablet than in the states, it will also do less than the US tablets?


      The price difference isn't much, when you take taxes into account. Not nearly as bad as many other things (looking at you, iTunes Music).

      The content restrictions aren't new, but they still suck. Blame the publishers for wanting to gouge us with special prices just for Australia, like they always have.

    We always get boned with technology.

      Yeah it is pretty shitty being a tiny marketplace but yet being one of the few countries to get the product on launch.

    no problem for me. My music is from Spotify, books from Amazon, I only watch TV on my TV.

    Without Google Music, Magazines Or TV Shows, it's just another Huawei. Apple must be laughing their heads off what a silly company to launch a product with none of the goodies that would set them apart from Itunes. It's off my list of buy. Also 3G is apparently very very cheap to put in tablets yet it was missed.

      "Also 3G is apparently very very cheap to put in tablets "

      It's a $140 premium to get a 3G/4G antenna in an iPad these days, comparable for most OEMs. This is half the price of the Nexus 7. Even if it was a conservative $100, putting one in would jack up the price 30-50% depending on configuration. Google had to make cuts to make the Nexus 7 in that price and they made the right ones.

        You're not serious right, you honestly think it costs that much? It adds about $10 in total for parts depending on what chip they source and what kind of bulk discount they get for it, and each antenna would be a buck or so tops in bulk and probably less. The mark up on price is simply that, a mark up.

        A perfect example dude$205-Bill-of-Materials-iSuppli-Teardown-Reveals.aspx the addition of the cellular radios = $9 in added cost, if Samsung wanted, it could probably sell this tablet at $250-$300 and not make a real profit due to the extra cash going into marketing, shipping, covering development and support costs etc. But most companies just want to make a profit, it's what they are in business for and very few companies will take the hit to sell close to cost like Google can because unlike Google they can't make money back form the device via ads and other google services etc

        Google/Asus just wanted to keep the bill of materials cost down hence no rear camera, no 3g , no expandable memory etc

    NOO. I already pre-ordered! I'm gonna have to consider getting a refund

    we always get screwed :(
    no music, no buying movies...
    do we at least get the $25 credit? OR IS EVEN THIS NOT ALLOWED IN AUSTRALIA?! >:(

      We still get movies, they work fine.

    Hmm, shouldn't Google update their nexus7 page with this info?
    They are still advertising with all those features :
    Magazines come to life on Nexus 7. With hundreds of popular titles to choose from, you’re bound to find something for you. Buy single copies of new issues, or subscribe to your favorites on Google Play. Take your music anywhere with Nexus 7. When you upload your existing music library to Google Play – up to 20,000 songs for free – you can stream all your tracks and playlists from the cloud so you’ll never miss a beat.

      I'm sure the ACCC will get right on that.


      This is already in there at the bottom of the page: "Content and applications are subject to regional availability."

    oh man... I've ordered one for the purpose of reading magazine. ¬_¬

    I was already turned off by this thing but this confirms my decision to not buy it. I mean the thing is a glorified e-reader, and now you can't use it to read magazines, which would be a big percentage of that e-reading material. No music and TV are just further nails in the coffin.

    I'm really disappointed by Google with this thing. When the stuff first leaked I was excited, but the more I read about it the more I'm going to stay well clear of it. Like others have been saying I think I'll wait for the Surface and see if that's any good.

    I was planning to buy a nexus 7 while I am in the states last month, but now that it will be even less fucntional after moving here I am starting to re-think.

    Disappointed about the magazine thing - I'm looking at it for mainly reading with some video on the side. But it's not a turn off yet.

    I'm going to keep my pre-order but I'm definitely disappointed. I knew we wouldn't get all the features and I could give a damn about the music and the TV shows but magazines... come on... that was one of the major draw cards :(

    Hopefully google won't wait too long before expanding their reach to AU. Although I've had my heart torpedoed before - see MS laziness with bringing the Zune/Zune Marketplace outside of NA (I own a ZuneHD).

    More fool google for NOT including these options, as naturally, this will just encourage piracy of music & TV instead, which is already rampant in Australia.

    For magazines one can use Zinio (where yearly subs are significantly cheaper than Amazon - it can do all the same things google's app could do as well) or Amazon Kindle.

    The article doesn't mention when google will have these items available to Australians?

      That's because Google didn't tell us...when (read: if) they do, you'll be the first to know.

    As long as it runs Pocket and Zinio fine, I will still be happy with my Nexus 7 pre-order.
    Looking forward to the smaller size compared to my ipad, which gets awkward to hold after a while during evening couch reading.

    " features the web giant touted at the I/O conference a month ago."
    Google I/O wasn't a month ago, it was last month. ._.

    Just use 3rd party apps like Zinio for magazines and theft for tv/music. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

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