Nexus 7 Won't Launch With Google Music, Magazines Or TV Shows In Australia

After it was revealed that Google would neuter the Nexus 7 in the UK at launch, Google Australia have today confirmed to us that the same will happen here: the flagship Nexus 7 will launch without many of the features the web giant touted at the I/O conference a month ago.

The Inquirer reported overnight that the Nexus 7 wouldn't have TV shows, magazines or music available from the Google Play store at launch. That sucks, but what's worse is that Australians won't get the Google Play goodies either.

Google Australia confirmed this morning that Google Play wouldn't carry TV shows, magazines or music in Australia when the Nexus 7 launches.

Google made much of its revamped Google Play store at I/O a few weeks ago, but now it looks like users outside of the US are set to miss out.

Does this turn you off the Nexus 7?

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