Nexus 7 Coming To Stores, Bears Price Premium

If you're an early adopter, you've probably already got your pre-order in for the Google Nexus 7 tablet aired at Google I/O last week, but if you're not, you can be reassured that the device will be coming to select stores around the country, albiet at an inflated price.

It will cost you $319 to walk out of a retail store with a shiny, new 16GB Nexus 7 from late this month -- that's a $20 premium on top of the retail price of $299 for the same unit.

Asus told us that the price increase is simply because of the cost required to ship it about:

The RRP of $319 for the 16GB Google Nexus 7 takes into account the costs associated with shipping the device to Australian stores. We believe this is great value and provides Australian consumers with the convenience of being able to purchase the 16GB Google Nexus 7 from their local store.

It's worth pointing out that Google will also charge you a shipping cost if you purchase the device direct from the Play Store, however. According to a few folk we've spoken to (thanks Jen!) it'll cost you around the same as you'll pay in store.

Asus and Google have gone nuts with its list of retail partners, bringing in everyone to stock the device including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, Retravision, Radio Rentals, Officeworks, EB Games, Costco, BSR and authorised ASUS resellers.

It's a huge leg up for the cheap tablet to get it onto retail shelves. Despite the $300-plus pricetag, I predict that this device will fly off store shelves and into people's hands like the Kindle Fire did in the US when it was released. Watch out, iPad. You're about to be comparison shopped and lose.



    "It will cost you $319 to walk out of a retail store with a shiny, new 16GB Nexus 7 from late this month — that’s an $18 premium on top of the retail price of $299 for the same unit."

    Seriously guys, have someone proof read your articles.

    Will retail stores be stocking the 8GB one for $268?
    I was about to pull the trigger last night, but if they're expected to ship mid July, then may as well wait until the end of the month to hold one. Especially if they're the same price when taking shipping into account. (cheaper by $6 actually)

    The kindle fire was $200 in America. This is more than 50% more expensive. This isn't even close to the same size as an iPad... I'm in the market for a tablet and I'll definitely be paying $150 more for an iPad.

      Well, the Nexus 7 tablet IS selling for $199 for the 8GB version on the USA. So there's nothing wrong here.

      Well do remember the Nexus 7's US prices put it squarely in direct competition with the Kindle Fire. We have no idea how much Amazon would have charged for the Kindle Fire here because they never released it here.

      I'm with you on it being too small though. I wanted a proper tablet from Google, not a glorified e-reader that's competing with a product that isn't even available here. If They release an up-market version, with a 10 inch screen, 3G and/or 4G and expandable storage, I'll say shut up and take my money. Until then though, I'll keep waiting for a decent tablet. Maybe the Surface Pro will suit my needs...

      The 8GB is $200 in the US, and $250 here. Plus the $20 shipping. Its comparatively priced with the Fire, except for the fact that we can actually get one.

      You cant even get the kindle fire in Australia.

      $200 USD = 8 GB Nexus 7. The Kindle Fire is ONLY available in 8GB models, so the Nexus is at price parity with the Fire.

      Now if you're going to bitch about the Nexus 7 Aussie Retail pricing, you're conveniently forgetting a couple of important hidden costs: shipping ($18) and Sales Tax which is not included (whereas our GST is). So a 16GB model will come out at roughly $295. A $20 or so premium for being able to purchase directly at a retail store is not unheard of.

      "This isn’t even close to the same size as an iPad"

      It's not competing head-to-head with the iPad. 7" tablets fill an entirely different niche. I have a new iPad but I'm never going to be carrying both at once. Also, the smallest capacity new iPad is $540 so they're not exactly comparable.

      How much is the Kindle Fire in Australia?

    Aprox $110 difference for the Ipad2 and $220 for the retina Ipad... Same storage specs. Everything else is a little different. Will be an interesting stoush methinks!

    "It will cost you $319 to walk out of a retail store with a shiny, new 16GB Nexus 7"... umm, that is exactly how much it will cost you to pre-order a 16GB Nexus 7 from the PlayStore and have it shipped in Australia.. so how does the cost differ from buying directly from Google vs. buying from a retail store?

      It doesn't. That was mentioned in the article:

      "It’s worth pointing out that Google will also charge you a shipping cost if you purchase the device direct from the Play Store, however. According to a few folk we’ve spoken to (thanks Jen!) it’ll cost you around the same as you’ll pay in store."

      There's no price difference between the two once shipping is calculated. The only difference is if you buy it retail you'll physically have it on your hands straight away.

        retail looks like the way to go then. But being android the price is likely to come significantly in the next 3-6 monthss

          The other benefit of retail of course being the consumer protection laws... Anything's wrong with the tab as supplied, legally a retailer has to exchange (even without proof of purchase) for a new device... on the spot.

            You need a proof of purchase otherwise the retailer can not verify that you purchased the product from their store.

              Yeah ok you do, I probably should have said 'receipt'. Point is, if you buy retail, 98% of the time, you'll get an on-the-spot exchange in the case of a manufacturer's error (granted, its easier if you have your original receipt).

    That's not too bad, though I suppose the 8GB model is the only one that's really priced at impulse buy tier.

    Any word on the Google Music/buying of Movies for Australia yet? I am wondering if I was wrong to hope it comes at the developer event and more correct that it will be released the day the Nexus 7 ships to general public. Did your contacts at ASUS mention anything about it?

    $319 from retail...same as google online preorder if you add $20 shipping. It comes to the same price.

    Let the comparison shopping begin!
    It's about twice the screen area, same amount of storage, and a bit more expensive. Yep, the Nexus is going to suit a lot of people who would otherwise be considering an iPod Touch.

    I'll be paying cash at The Good Guys then, see how much off they'll give me...

    i wonder if the retail ones will come with the $25 voucher???

    we had to trial a series of tablets for work including a couple of android tablets and the ipad 2 and 3. The android's battery life was awful - not even three hours. Unless they take that sort of thing seriously the iPads will always be the clear choice. A portable device should be able to do more than just allow you to stagger between power points.

      I love that you say android tablets but specify ipad 2 and 3. When u buy the wonderfully crafted Toshiba *thrive* what do u expect lol that tablet is not comparable. And you paid half the expect half the battery life. If you compared to a galaxy 10.1 then fine. But I have both and I can get more from the tab then the iPad (either)

      The battery life of the Nexus 7 is apparently about 9 hours.

      I don't understand the 3hours bizzo, I have had a ipad 2 but now have a samsung 10.1 I have no idea how long the battery lasts, I know that if I use it with every thing turned on ( I don't bother to turn stuff off) I recharge it after 2-3 DAYS and its not really flat (around 20%) left. When watching videos I think I recharge it daily.Damo must have been trialling a $70 toy me thinks.

    Will this tablet be available from Myer/DJs?

    The Nexus 7 has a micro USB port, does this mean that it is possible to transfer files to the device eg from a camera? I want a cheap small light device for travelling that can read email using WiFi, browse the web and store/view photos.

    At $199 is was definitely going to get one, but $319.... i'm out.

    At $249 is was definitely going to get one (16gb), but $319.... i'm out.

    My wife is desperately wanting an Ipad I am more inclined to go for the android tablet ..not knowing lots about either are there facilities for file transferrals other than via wifi ? USB ports etc on the Ipad or Android Tablets that allow for external storage such as a portable hard drive thumb drive

    Get their price and go to Officeworks for a price match. Save another 5%...

      For USB transfer your only option is the Samsung, but for WiFi transfer they are much for muchness. BUT the after market accessories for the Samsung are MUCH cheaper than apple.

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