Wanted: Campers And Their Nerf Guns To Fight Zombies In Victorian Bushland

The sounds of the night ripple through the lining of your tent. It's a cold night, but the skies are clear. Perfect conditions to spot them if they ever break through the tree line across from you. You poke your head out of the flap to scan the terrain. A twig snaps outside to your left. They're coming. You load your clip into the slot in your orange rifle, and pray that it'll be enough to hold them back.

The Australian bush has been great for all sorts of social events -- from bush doofs to epic paintball arenas. But now the Australian bush will play host to zombies looking to eat the brains of the survivors who are armed only with Nerf guns to protect themselves.

That's the idea of the Humans Vs Zombies camping trip planned for later this year.

Here's how it works:

At the beginning of the event, there are 10 "Alpha" Zombies who must spend the next week infecting as many Human players as they can.

At the end of the week, if there are more Human Survivors than there are Zombies, then the Humans win and the military send in a squad to rescue all the Survivors. However if the Zombie Horde have a larger number than the Humans, the military have no choice but to purge the entire city.

The game will take place out in the bush, where survivors will be armed with a variety of Nerf pistols and rifles that serve to paralyse the zombies for 20 seconds so that they can make a hasty getaway.

Other than the foam they have in their clips, there's no help, no cure, no antidote, and no back-up.

The event needs funds to get off the ground this year, and has taken to Pozible to raise the $2800 required. Why so much money? The organisers explain:

As it costs a lot of money for both public liability insurance (up to $2000), hiring a campground (depends on numbers, anywhere up to $2500), and general expenses, we simply don't have the money to book everything in advance. So, if you guys pledge the money to buy a ticket, we supply the camping trip once we've reached the goal.

There are 84 days to go, and so far, it's garnered $700. This sounds awesome, so shut up and take my money! [Pozible]

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    Sounds like fun :)

      And because the gizmodo community are my only friends, I request that we go.

    id go but im in brissy :(

    I'm also up for this. I'm also going to IRL Shooter. And look, Gizmodo posted a great article about finding your tent with a beacon of light, perfect for Zombie Camping. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/07/glowing-beacon-ensures-youll-never-get-lost-in-a-sea-of-tents-again/

    Is it just me or I'm the only one that reads the first sentence as "...sounds of the right nipple..."


    Who has the fun task of picking up all the discarded nerf crap lying around?

    Should have paint balls so u know if you head shot a zombie and they are out of the game. 20 seconds isn't much cause I dare say a lot of the ppl going wouldn't be the fittest

      You should always be in tip-top Zombie-beating shape. You never know when the Zombpocalypse will come, after all.

        That's right. You could consider this as a zombie drill.... Are you fit enough to survive... I know I'm not... Not these days but I'll still give it a go

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