New Leaked Screenshots Make Windows 8 Metro Look Even Better

WinUnleaked has some new leaked screenshots from Microsoft's Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacturers) build that show how the new OS will look. From the look of them, Microsoft is making an effort to make Metro work as a unifying design across all of Windows 8.

The big difference is that Internet Explorer 10 now changes its colour to coordinate itself with the colour scheme of Windows 8. It seems reasonable to guess that other apps will eventually get similar treatment, since Microsoft also made the colour scheme the same for window borders and the taskbar.

The only ugly bit is the new boot screen, with that hideous Windows 8 logo on black:

For other details, like a look at some of the new wallpapers, head over to WinUnleaked. [WinUnleaked via Verge]



    I like the new look for IE10. Even though it is the desktop version, it looks more contemporary and fits the Metro aesthetic better.

    Still looks amateurish, unrefined, unfinessed, clumsy and childish

      That's a lot of judgement for just a snippet of graphics.

        I did look at a lot of the threads on WinUnleaked and having downloaded the preview stand by my comments “amateurish, unrefined, unfinessed, clumsy and childish” There are some nice user submitted designs there:
        I just don’t understand how Microsoft can be so bad when it comes to UI design [Win8]

          You should try starting you own tech company, and build an OS that doesnt look 'amateurish, unrefined, unfinessed, clumsy and childish'..
          Try to understand that Windows has to be designed for everyone that uses it, not just you..
          I for one think it looks just fine, it's being simplified yes.. but that's not necessarily a horrible thing

    Mint Linux, OS X and Android are also “designed for everyone that uses it” and they don’t look like they came out of a play school project. They have finesse [extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste, etc] Windows Metro is a Gimmick [an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal] Minimalism is a very hard thing to get right, ask any designer like Philippe Starck, because there is less, every line every curve, every shape every object has to be even more carefully considered. I know lots of people “like” Windows metro but it isn’t pretty.

      spot on

    Great... Can't wait for the return of orange windows on lime green backgrounds and all the other vomit inducing combinations

    To be honest, I think it's a step backwards. I agree with a post above. It looks amateurish and unrefined. I don't like the flat colours. It might look okay on a tablet, but it's going to be an eyesore on a big monitor. I know a lot of work probably went into the design language, but I think they've missed the mark and gotten a bit ahead of themselves.

      I just thought I'd add: I'd be happy if they made things looks more like Zune. I love the minimalistic look of the Zune UI, but not with colours shown in these screenshots. Why are they making things with horrible colours? They're not even neutral colours, they're colours that we used to see in themes in Windows 98, and they weren't pretty.

        uhh, thats what the colour sliders are for! so you can all of the colour combinations in the world :)

          Only a professional designer should be allowed to touch those sliders

    To be simple, you have to be sophisticated, and that is not something MS does well.

    ive been running the beta for a while and its been really stable and fast for me. startup time is sweet. once you get the hang of the gesturey stuff that becomes a fast way to jump around. and you have the desktop like a security blanket if you get lost or want to run non-metro apps. i think the metro apps i have used are weak, but the base platform seems very strong, so that should hopefully be improved over time. it seems to be a really sweet spot between desktop and tablet. i think MS are stepping up. about time guys.

    Sweet jesus. Straight colours, looks great. I don't like the MASSIVE toolbars though, that could be gone for the greater good.
    Win7 could be greater with that sort of UI, but it wins none the less. No pun intended.

    This looks terrible

    I was hoping somehow Microsoft would metrofy the desktop a bit so it blends with the start screen and I think they have done it. Can't wait for windows 8 on the surface tablet. Oh oh oh it looks awesome!

    Yes yes yes they metrofied the desktop. Can't wait for the launch of surface with windows 8

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