Mountain Lion Is Apple's Most Successful Operating System, Topping 3 Million Downloads

In just four short days, 3 million Apple users around the world have shelled out their $US20.99 to get a copy of Mountain Lion. That makes Mountain Lion the most successful OS release in Apple's history. Thanks to the record, Apple is promising goodies.

So far, Mountain Lion has been downloaded 3 million times around the world, and Apple's president of marketing, Phil Schiller, is rapt.

"Just a year after the incredibly successful introduction of Lion, customers have downloaded Mountain Lion over three million times in just four days, making it our most successful release ever," he said.

Many were disappointed however about the lack of Facebook integration with Mountain Lion, especially in the nifty Notification Center bar. Apple's now pledging in its public statements that Facebook integration will arrive soon as a software update.




    3 million shows you how far the Apple computer sales still have to go to dethrone Windows sales. Not sure if that will ever happen, but it's still an interesting thought.

    By most successful, do they mean they sold the most copies out of all their OS's, or that they sold the most copies per hardware out of all their OS's?
    I wouldn't be as excited for the former.

      3 million in a week. Yeah, thats just terrible..........

    Interesting that all the apple users are so keen to improve on perfection. I'm still happy with XP .

    That's cause lion was so crap ppl can't wait to upgrade. Lion was apples vista... Biggest crap I ever used

      I agree. Live Apple but their was some bugs in lion that ya just had to accept. All of the problems I had have now been fixed in ML. It's the same old case of ML is great but it wouldn't be needed if Lion wasn't such a screw up.

      I don't agree Lion was the worst thing out, and I also never understood why everyone hated Vista so much.

      That said, I do agree they were on par with each other. Neither Lion nor Vista was 'quite there'.

    3 mil is actually not that much...

    Why does everyone consider this to be a new (major) version of the OS? In Windows terms, it's just a service pack - rollup of all the fixes, and a few extra features. Except you don't pay for a Windows service pack, for now.

      you do pay several hundred dollars for a full windows version change tho. i think it all evens out in the end.

      Apple's OS X updates have always been incremental instead of having a major overhaul - hence the low asking price. If you look at OS X 10.1 and compare it to 10.8, they look quite different.

      The main reason for service packs in Windows was to address bugs and security issues, NOT add features (IIRC the only feature that was added in a service pack was in XP SP2). OS X users get service packs too, in the form of 10.x.x updates.

      No, each upgrade had major steps forward in OS X, but then what
      would you know about it. Do you pay for your anti virus with your
      windows PC? Yeah, enjoy your viruses.

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