Minority Report's Display Tech Has Finally Arrived

When Philip K. Dick's novel Minority Report became a Hollywood smash, every geek in the world started pining for their own 3-D, glove-operated screen. Now, thanks to Oblong Industries, it's an awesome reality.

It's called the G-Speak Spatial Operating Environment (SOE) and it's designed as a direct port of the Minority Report kit.

The demo video shows a gloved user standing in front of five wall-mounted screens and one enormous PixelSense-style table. We're shown how the gloved user drags, pushes, swipes and draws around the screen in three dimensions.

It's fluid, it's smooth, it's intelligent and I want it in my life. [BGR]



    For now we'll have to settle for leapmotion.com $70!!!

      That looks pretty cool too. Didn't know about that until now. Thanks!

    Awesome! Imagine how this system will develop in time

    P.S. leapmotion looks great too...will have to get my hands on that.

    Wow. Looking at stuff like this just reinforces how important our NBN is. Imagine the UI's in 15 years and what you'll be able to achieve on a 1gbps connection.

    Perhaps Microsoft/Google/Apple are looking at possible acquisition for this company?

    Kinnect has limitations and I don't think it can pull off all of what was demoed. Hence, I think MSFT would be an interested party. Also, the acquirer would be acquiring the IP and patents behind it too.

      Do you seriously think MS are just sitting on their hands with Kinect? IIRC, they have already demoed a version that recognises individual fingers, no glove required.

    Great!... a computer system for mimes. They can finally do some REAL work.

    How long before we see the next patent war, with movie companies trying to claim this.

    Millions of these kind concept exist in the gaming world. Everything from the nintendo power glove to wii controllers and the x-box kinect, however in the gaming world, nothing has worked better than the mouse and keyboard or controller. The gaming world, something that has pushed technology in these areas still can't get these systems to work well, even when the day comes that the technology is there, i fear it is a waste, touch screens and the classic control systems will probably be cheaper, better at doing there job, you don't look stupid and it is more natural than many of these movements.

    Really? What's this going to do? Replace more people? Looks like some kind of all encompassing master control system! I can however see some useful applications, like conducting a virtual orchestra...but unfortunately it's probably going to be applied to security!

    Anyone note the video date? Three years ago. These guys are now probably busy conquering thought controlled technology.

    that's not sheets of glass with moving pictures that you can use to transfer files to the screen? This is not Minority Report's display tech

    I can't help but feel this sort of UI will be less productive than a keyboard and mouse for typical applications, until they manage to incorporate some sort of haptic feedback.

    This article sums up the major drawbacks of "pictures under glass" technology (iPads/touch screens):

    The technology featured in this article is a step in the right direction.

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