Microsoft: Sorry About 'Big Boobs'

The world of the brogrammer is a vague and hazy place of stereotyped sex humour and pseudo-serious trend pieces. And earlier this year we determined that the brogrammer never was.

And yet... Microsoft had to make a public apology recently, after it was discovered that some snivelling, man-child coder had written BIG BOOBS into a piece of computer code that connects the Linux kernel to a Microsoft "virtualisation" product. In fact, the offending characters were: oxB16B00B5. (Squint your eyes a little, you'll see.)

On his blog, Linux developer Matthew Garrett wrote:

"At the most basic level it's just straightforward childish humour, and the use of vaguely-English strings in magic hex constants is hardly uncommon. But it's also specifically male childish humour. Puerile sniggering at breasts contributes to the continuing impression that software development is a boys club where girls aren't welcome."

Immature? Sure. Offensive? Not terribly. So it looks like the code reads BIG BOOBS. So what? Shouting "big boobs!" at a person is, in itself, not an incredible offence. It's maybe just sort of weird and unattractive behaviour. The real apology is the one the guilty coder should make, to his (or her, let's be fair, now) fellow coders, for perpetuating this pathetic stereotype. Alas. [DailyMail]



    I am so offended right now...

    Buried in code? Why does anyone care?

      Probably because Linux is open source, so anyone can see it.

    shows that MS as a company has no sense of humor at all.

      did you even know the whole story? it's here
      it was an MS developer who did it and it's the linux community who has no sense of humor at all

        did you see the sarcasm at all?

    The real shock in this article is the assumption that the coder was referring specifically to women's big boobs when he could really have been referencing big man boobs! Think about it!

    Ridiculous and really not worth an article. Matthew Garretts comments are completely misplaced, I work with 2 female coders who give as good as they get and it creates a great working dynamic. The software development place certainly welcomes woman, just not humourless idiots ( male or female )

    Hurray, some humour!
    Well done to the proggy.

    Not so much offensive as telling. I'm a woman. I love boobs! But yeah... Misogyny there. Bad brogrammers! You make things difficult for us programmers.

    The worlds gone mad why are we so hucked up on one piece of text if you look into loads of stuff properly the same with different words. Also if you havent noticed every women in the world has boobs part of them and who they are so whats all the fuss about other then alot of small mind people talking it the wrong way i just think i easy done and shouldnt be made a big deal off does it matter

    There ya go.

    No that the cat is out of the bag can they please embed Mole! Mole!. As in an Austin Powers reference. You know cos there bound to be someone who deciphers the code that has a whopper someone on their face that just needs to be pointed out!

    "straightforward childish humour", "pathetic stereotype"
    Sounds to me like this article wasn't written by a programmer. You have to be a little insane (which immaturity usually comes along with it) to sit there and write lines upon lines of code all day.

    I find this to be standard programmer humour. Lets expand this childish humour to things other things. Having a quick look over your source code of the website I saw this:
    } else { // Otherwise, weeeeeeeee!!!
    Is that childish humour too? If you look closely it actually means urine.

    In closing, it doesn't concern the general public. Who cares.


      We are men! We like boobs! I wont let feminism tell me that my genetically instructed predisposition is wrong! Besides, Feminism is the synonym of Double standard. Like when they imply "There is nothing wrong with a woman's boobs half hanging out at work (despite this pretty much signalling sexual availability - remember woman refer to these as their assets), a man should be able to control himself and not look if he knows he won't be attractive to her." Hormones and millions of years of evolution and the desire to procreate be damned.

      Yes - I'm also a programmer! But I want to add, let's not forget the discrimination that male nurses go through or any male in a female dominated industry for that matter. It's worse than the reverse because they know that can get away with it.

    "CAFEBABE". "FEEDFACE". "DEADBEEF" . "0BADF00D". "BADCAB1E". all exist by the billions. my personal sig "DEFCAB42" :-) This has a long tradition, screw legals, marketing and other haters - devs are entitled to our own culture -:-)

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