Microsoft Doesn't Care That Surface Will Screw Over PC Makers

By making Microsoft Surface, the potential tablet and PC wunderkind, Microsoft was sort of, kind of acknowledging that PC makers, Microsoft's hardware partners, suck at what they do. And it's true! Microsoft needed to make sure the hardware was just as great as Windows 8 and not worry about other companies' feelings.

And that's exactly what Microsoft is doing. According to AllThingsD, Microsoft said:

"Our Surface devices will compete with products made by our OEM partners, which may affect their commitment to our platform."

Which translates to: either keep up with us or shut up. We haven't heard what everyone is planning on doing but it looks like some PC makers, like Samsung, will try to keep up with its own Surface competitor. Microsoft's ruthlessness here is a good thing, it needs to be on the front lines with great hardware so Windows 8 isn't ruined.



    When you think about it, only a handful of OEMs play in the same premium space Surface is aimed at. Even for those that do, it is probably a fairly small part of their overall business so I can't see Surface annoying too many of them, or annoying any of them too much. If anything, it could serve as a rallying point for all the OEMs to get behind to attack iPad head-on. i.e. It could mask the perception of fragmentation by providing a single focus for the Win8 platform overall.

      Pretty much. I think the Surface is like the Nexus line for Android. It's a consumer-ready demonstrator and best shows off the software but doesn't greatly upset their OEMs like Samsung, HTC or Moto.

    I've been kinda spoilt, I generally only build my own systems, but when it comes to Laptops, the first thing I always do is install Revo Uninstaller and then rip all the shit out of it. Generally, If there is an option to reinstall Windows without the crapware then do it! Windows 8 should be sans crapware if they want it to prosper.

      Why? What percentage of users do you think are like you (and me)? Uninstalling software is the easiest thing in the world. It takes all of 5 minutes to get rid of anything you don't want and having it there makes life easy for the vast majority of customers. Its 2012 and things like that, which would definitely have been in issue on a Pentium II 300MHz PC with a 1Gb HDD, are just not any more. I only do it out of habit and because I'm a bit of a control freak. Most of my mate's think I'm an idiot for always doing a clean install from scratch whenever I get a new machine. (At least, that's why I assume they think I'm an idiot.)

        All you did here is reiterate what I posted!
        Your opinions are not better than every one else, you just think they are. Whats worse is that once you've aired your opinion to one comment you then go through and fix every one else's comment that you think needs your revised and upgraded view on the subject. You are not the arbiter of all things commented on, but you seem to think you are!


          You can also add supercilious attitude and hostile knee-jerk responses to MotorMouth's already fantastic repertoire of Microsoft-related posting.

          Not calling you out on anything Noddy but I'm confused when you say he reiterated what you posted - I can't see another comment from you on here?

            Sometimes it's tough keeping track of your alts.

              hah, that was exactly my thought. Do people do that on here? Why?

                hear hear! What a genius comment olearymo

          No, I said in 2012 you can leave it there and it won't make a lick of difference. I said that the likes of you and me make up a tiny percentage of the market and it is easy for us to get rid of it all if we want, but I acknowledged that it probably isn't necessary and that we are idiots for still doing it. OTOH, you were saying that everyone should do it, seemingly so that you feel like less of an idiot. (I'm happy being an idiot, it serves me well.)

    Shit on the people who made the hardware to put you where you are today? Smart move Microsoft... It will be interesting to see if they can actually do hardware better than the hardware makers, its not like they have a very good track record so far.

      Microsoft designed products (clearly others manufacture to their design and standard) have pretty much universally been very well designed and manufacturered. They don't do a lot of hardware, but even down to simple things like a keyboard or mouse, the products are very good. Their range of console gear can't be considered poor quality.

      Who cares how you got there. What matters is where you're going next. What you're suggesting is loyalty - but loyalty only gos so far when companies like Acer release POS hardware that makes your product look like yesterday's news. This is the move Microsoft must make to survive and be relevant in a world with iPhones and iPads - and if it means ditching your old friends to keep the company relevant and profitable, then so be it.

        I would agree, except that until Win 8 MS basically left it to the hardware manufacturers to create a touch experience that wasn't complete arse. Considering the difficulty of using touch with Win 7 (or Win 8 Desktop) I'd say MS has to take some of the blame for there being no decent PC tablet just yet.

        Having said that it's good to see MS leading the way with a sharp, attractive and really appealing product. Can't wait to see what ASUS, Samsung et al can come up with in response - WinRT on a 7" Samsung WXGA SAMOLED display, with standard/miniaturised USB and HDMI connections, and a quad-core chip behind it? Sold!

      Yeah, that's right. MS have never made a decent mouse or keyboard, have they? Oh, wait a minute... they make the best peripherals in the business, so maybe they do know one or two things more than you about hardware? I'd also suggest that my ZuneHD is just about the best piece of hardware gadgetry I own, although my Tonium Pacemaker might just have its nose in front. Either way, it is a much better piece of kit than any iPod or other PMP. If Surface and its keyboards are as good as my Arc Touch Mouse and Arc Keyboard, then I'm sure it will be best-in-class hardware for the tablet market.

        Give me Logitech over MS equipment any day of the week.

          I've used both and whilst a good Logitech mouse is awesome, others are just plain krap and you never know until you buy one what it is going to be like. I've also never had any Logitech mouse last half as long as my Intellimouse Explorer, which gave me around a decade of flawless service. It would probably still be going strong today if I knew where it was. That's the difference - I've had mixed results from Logitech but MS have delivered consistently..

    There's no way that manufacturers are going to move away from Microsoft, it's the only accessible software company that provides consistency, support and encouragement for its products. This is, in a way, a wake up call to manufacturers to start producing better tablet products, rather than sticking to the same old formula that they have for years.

    If Windows 8 had been introduced on manufacturer X, Y or Zs platforms, they would have all looked much the same. This design has created so much excitement because it looks different, it looks great. It's time for the manufacturers to hitch up their trousers and think outside the square.

      I think we've already seen that some of them are doing that. e.g. The Asus Taichi is an amazing take on the dual nature of Win8 and Lenovo's Yoga is also using Win8 to innovate.

    Microsofts partners have had 10 years to make inspiring products, they're quite happy dragging their tails in the low end space.

    They deserve a kick up the arse. Not to mention while this may draw a lot of interest, most consumers wont buy one if they can't go to their local store and buy it. Microsoft stores and online only remember, and there aren't any Microsoft stores outside the USA.

    Windows 8 is already ruined on anything that doesn't have a touchscreen.

      Why? Give us a few examples, because my experience is that it is better in every way, although 90% of the time I doubt most users would even notice any difference between it an Win7. There is certainly no difference whatsoever in the way you do things.

        Pfft, everyone knows you only ever buy every second MS operating system:
        Win 7 - good, Vista - bad, XP - good, Win ME - bad, Win 98 - good, Win 95 - bad

          You skipped Windows 2000...

    I think the only obstacle that Windows 8 will encounter are the desktop users, especially corporate. While you can invoke a desktop mode, from all accounts you can't operate exclusively in this mode and you have to use Metro for many actions and it's not optimised for mouse use. If this is the case, it won't be entertained by the corporate world, as the training and work disruption will be far too high to sustain.

      It's not an issue provided the next OS iteration is ok. Just like with Vista, Win 8 won't be adopted by many corporate customers. My company is only just upgrading from XP to Win 7 now for example.

    Wow, I thought that Microsoft were going downhill with Windows 8, but this? MAN ARE THEY CRAZY???

      No, their not crazy. This is what happens when a company called
      Apple invents a stupid product for its brainwashed consumers.
      Market share and the consumers become the engineers, which is never
      a good idea.

    I don't see the problem, there's lots of dodgey drivers and hardware around and when it crashes or what ever, everyone blames windows not the maker of the bad devices. You buy a house with a dodgey kitchen you don't blame the brick layer. But you buy a POS graphics card and blame windows instead.

      +1, I think this will cause oems to step their game up.

      + a million, thankyou for being the voice of reason!

      OEMs are possibly the WORST thing for windows. Apple used to do it, they nearly died, look how well they went once they scrapped the 3rd party builders. You can say what you like about Apple, but they have the cash to prove they're doing something right.

    iPad was a stupid idea, now companies have taken that stupid idea
    and started to develop it into a 2 piece laptop, which is a even
    more stupid idea. This is what happens when you let market share
    and consumers become the engineers.

      Only thing Apple has done right is advertising to gullible
      consumers, like you. As it is, most of what's inside an Apple
      computer is mainly made by other companies anyway. All your paying
      for is a logo.

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