Masked Gunman Storms Midnight Screening Of The Dark Knight Rises [Updated]

It's being reported that 50 people have been wounded and another 14 killed after a man dressed in a gas mask and body armour stormed a screening of the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises in Denver, Colorado and opened fire on the packed house. is reporting that a man is currently in custody over the incident with unconfirmed reports that another was involved.

Reports emerging from the cinema indicate the man first used tear gas on the crowd before opening fire. A witness in another cinema described hearing small explosions, followed by shots.

Another witness said that he first thought the gunfire was part of the movie.

Update (20 July 2012, 8:28pm AEST): A Redditor was reportedly at the screening when it all went down. Her report here.

Update (20 July 2012, 10:50pm AEST): Another Redditor has jumped online. He says he was one of the wounded and has the gnarly and slightly unnerving photos to prove it (you were warned). TinEye can't find any matches to these photos, either, so there's every chance it's not someone just fishing for Karma.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. []

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