Martin Scorsese Likes Siri In New Apple Ad, Thinks She's "Going Places"

The latest instalment in Apple's arsenal of celebrity Siri promos is here, featuring a very peppy Martin Scorsese headed downtown in a yellow NYC taxi. Marty makes the most of his time alone with his virtual assistant, switching around appointments and consulting her for the downtown traffic report.

Most notably, Scorsese and Siri show off the Find My Friends app together.

The clip ends with Scorsese tellling Siri how much he likes her and that she's "going places." Quite an endorsement -- if that's really how he feels. [MacRumors via 9to5Mac]


    why do we have to care about what Martin Scorsese says about technology, it is not like he plays above average role in the tech world... damn his movies are not even that good these days.

      boardwalk empire is though

      and no chance siri works that fast, or accurate

    "if that’s really how he feels." WTF? It's an ad. This isn't even a remotely real situation. How many cameras and different angles and stuff are used here?

    You guys take stuff way too seriously. Do Samsung's or Google's ads reflect reality? And the EXACT time it takes to achieve tasks on devices? No? Wow. Who would have thought it:

    Nexus 7 ad -
    Samsung GS3 ad -

      there is a difference between fantasy and false advertising

    I think Siri is helping him go to the bank to cash the whopping great cheque Apple gave him.

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