Lunchtime Deal: Half-Price Telstra 3G USB Dongle

We've had this deal before when it was offered through Coles, but now it's back and available through Telstra's official website. Happy days!

The dongle would normally cost you $49 but the good folk at Telstra dropped it to half-that -- $24.50 if you're playing at home. It's the Next G dongle that can achieve speeds of up to 8Mbps and it'll also come with 1GB worth of data to use in the first 15 days, too. [Telstra]


    Yes - it may seem cheap until you go to recharge - the recharge costs have gone up by a ridiculous amount. Shame Telstra.

    Yeah, the rates are cactus.
    It's amazing that for as long as I can remember Telstra have acted like they do not want/need customers and almost gone out of their way to discourage business.
    Don't know of anyone under the age of 60 that use them.

      'Don’t know of anyone under the age of 60 that use them.'

      You've obviously never ventured beyond your CBD; outside of which the only reliable signal, be it phone or data, is provided by Telstra and no one else. Hell, Optus struggles to provide reliable service a stone's throw from the Melbourne CBD, let alone, in any country area.

        Telstra is dropping 3g from some areas and using nextg exclusively, could be a reason for price drop.

        must be a Telstra marketing employee on his coffee break trying to boost up his meal ticket.....Optus is fine on all major highways and country towns, they were always pretty ordinary, but in the last 12 months I've found them comparable to Telstra in most places as I travel in the country a lot, the only difference is when you're really off the beaten track (towns <1000 people on c-class roads) but I've found I can usually get a 2G connection on Optus even then, How about some empirical objectivity 'bemused'?

    In country WA optus is just as good as telstra without the price tag. I do a lot of country travel for work and optus has never let me down yet. (virgin mobile via the optus network)

    What's the difference between 3G and NextG?

    Also can you put a SIM inside this dongle?

      Yes you can put your sim from your mobile in the dongle and use the data from it.

    on Kangaroo Island, it's Telstra or nuthin'

    Telstra 4G won't work in Middlemount, QLD. Their 3G dongles do. I have no idea why, nor do they. Optus 3G works just the same here.

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