Lunchtime Deal: Cheap Logitech Wheel Returns!

So you missed out on a cheap steering wheel a few weeks ago. Time to stop your crying and get back in the game, because the deal is back on!

Catch Of The Day is responsible for this latest gaming bargain, so go get some! [OzBargain]


    I just bought one on ebay second hand for a touch more than that.

    I wish the Xbox had a half decent wheel available for it :(

    I bought the model below that from logitechshop for $79, am extremely happy with it.

    I bought two.
    We'll see if I can't make a cheap buck on ebay.

    Would be epic if these worked on xbox's :P Still brought one anyway.


      I normally tell people off for getting those two mixed up *sigh*

    I've heard a few people say Logitech's garbage but i've never had an issue with any of their stuff. Recommend em.

      Same here. I'm still using a G5 mouse that I bought back in 2006. Still works perfectly and never failed on me.

    I bought this last time, play it on the ps3 with 'gran trismo 5' Its brilliant! totally brilliant, i had to turn the feed back down from 5/10 to 2/10 because its so powerful! i'm going to buy a second one soon their just that good, i even bolted it to my dinning room table that now lives in front of the tv,.....

      You even bolted one to your forehead and did a Frankenstein impersonation you posted on Youtube they were that good. I recommend you !

    I already have a G25, can someone please slash the price of an Xbox fanetic wheel? I want to play Forza, but a decent Xbox wheel is stupidly priced.

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