Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard Review: A Lazy Machead's Dream

If you use a wireless keyboard, you know pairing with different devices and hunting down batteries can be the bane of one's tech existence. As a remedy, Logitech offers the K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard. It never needs batteries, and it quickly switches between Mac and iOS devices. The Apple Keyboard is beautifully designed -- should you ditch it for this?

What Is It?

The Logitech K760 Is a wireless, solar-powered keyboard designed for Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad). It switches between the three with the tap of a key.

Who's It For?

Anyone who uses a wireless keyboard to compose on a MacBook/iPhone/iPad, constantly switches between the devices and hates replacing batteries.


Logitech mimicked the aesthetic of Apple's wireless keyboard with a silver and white colour scheme. But the Logitech's incline isn't quite as steep, the keys have a deeper dimple, plastic replaces aluminium, and there's a giant solar strip across the top.

Using It

Simple. To pair it with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, set the device's Bluetooth to active. The keyboard can assign a device to one of three hot keys. Tap the one you want. Follow the prompts and compose your next masterpiece.

The Best Part

The solar power. Never changing batteries is a tech sloth's dream.

Tragic Flaw

Build quality. The K760 just doesn't match the feel -- both in the quality and performance.

This Is Weird...

The keys are virtually the same size as the keys on Apple's keyboards (though spaced ever so slightly wider). For the first few hours, the keyboard felt totally alien.

Test Notes

  • Used at home casually over the span of two weeks.
  • Bluetooth hot keys basically tied for the Best Part. Not having to take your hands off your keyboard to quickly switch which device you're typing on is fantastic.
  • Typed this review with the keyboard. Didn't want to commit suicide by the end.
  • Compared to Apple, the keys feel a bit more clacky and not as springy.
  • The plastic overlay on the keyboard is prone to scratching and is especially visible on the solar panels. If you're trying to slip this in a bag, beware.

Should You Buy It?

If you are frequently typing long things on iOS devices at home or work, and you hate swapping out batteries, then absolutely. The thing works reliably and exactly as advertised. Now whether or not you'll like the feel of the keys or the overall look of the product is another thing. It just doesn't compare to the best products out there in that regard. But that wasn't really the aim of this product anyway.

Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

• Price: $99.95 RRP in Australia • Compatible devices: any Bluetooth-equipped Mac, iPhone or iPad • Battery life: three months without light (fully charged, used eight hours a day).


    1. "If you use a wireless keyboard, you know pairing with different devices and hunting down batteries can be the bane of one’s tech existence." Really? I think I am still n the first set of batteries fro my Arc Keyboard and because it is made for real computers, I don't have to pair it, just plug the receiver in.

    2. "The Apple Keyboard is beautifully designed..." If this is true, how come it drops at least as many keystrokes as my Zenbook's universally reviled keyboard?

    Sorry but that is as far as I got, I didn't see any point in reading beyond there.

      Yet you still felt the need to bash something to do with Apple, again.

        No, I was simply stating facts. If anything was being bashed, it was the author's credibility (hopefully). I've had my Arc Keyboard for more than a year and I am pretty sure it is still on the batteries it came with. And I don't see anyone suggesting I am wrong about how bad an Apple keyboard is to type with, either. Is it safe to assume you've never used one?

          I have to agree with you Mr MotorMouth, I have a logitech K800 wireless keyboard. It is backlit, awesome to type on (fast). It has an internal battery that I don't have to change, which charges via a USB microconnector cable and the battery lasts me about THREE WEEKS at a stretch. And frankly, I would rather plug it in one night every 3 weeks, than have a keyboard with that bloody ugly solar panel on it, 24/7-365.

    Why is this only available for iCrap? Any good technical reasons?

      If its Bluetooth it should work on any other normal crap too.

      im pretty sure on logitech US site there is a windows one too, its black and still looks very similar

      It will work perfectly well with any bluetooth keyboard compatible device. I use an older Logitech bluetooth keyboard (made for iPad) on my Asus Transformer TF101 and it works more or less exactly the same as it would on the iPad.

    @MotorMouth, let me see, your 'real computer' is a PC, right? Hahahahahahahahaha
    Hubris much?

      No, I was talking about any computer with a standard USB socket and a full OS to support it. I am sure it would work with the Macs at work, as my Arc Touch mouse does, or any Linux machine and it may even work with WinPhone 8, which is supposed to support USB.

    Just a note here: This would be 100% compatible with any Windows machine or Android device.

      Might have a few useless/mismatched keys.

        Right: 3. The Fn key, the Eject key and the one for changing bluetooth devices, though that might be adaptable.
        For Windows it's also a good idea to re-map one of the keys as a real delete key, as the "delete" there is just a backspace key, as it is on Macs. There would be no mismatches.

          Thank you, someone else who realised that these thigns are universal.... minor point that it can be connected to 100% of user pc's as oposed to 30%

    I have 3 wireless keyboards and honestly cant remember the last time I changed the batteries. It's really not an issue to start with. There's no way I'd use that nasty looking keyboard to save myself $2 in batteries.

    Perhaps is they took the power led out and replaced it with a simple optical colour indicator (like on the magic mouse switch) they could reduce that ma-hoosive cell bank down to a single cell or pencil thin strip across the top of the keyboard.

    No, the apple keyboard is a monstrosity that should be disbandoned.

    This will NOT connect to an Orange or a Passion fruit. Such bullshit. Sending it back. Rage quit.

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