LG's New Double-Door Fridge Has Extra Space For Your Condiment Collection

Appliances like refrigerators have to conform to certain dimensions so they'll fit in any standard kitchen. So increasing their storage capacity is a challenge — and one that LG has cleverly solved with a unique double-door designthat boosts its internal volume to 834 litres.

You're not going to squeeze a frozen turkey or a watermelon in the door's mini fridge, but it's perfect for fridge door staples — drinks, snacks, ketchup and salad dressing that expired last year. You can still access the $US3500 fridge's deeper contents through the extra door, but it's designed with internal dividers so that the main compartment doesn't have to be completely opened if you just want often-accessed snacks. This keeps most of the cold air inside, improving energy efficiency. The extra door compartment would even be ideal for storing something like a chilled wine — the door is typically not where the coldest air circulates, so this outer door probably stays just a few degrees warmer than its deepest bowels.

[LG via Gizmag]

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