Let Strangers Crank The Volume On These Denon Headphones

Volume and playback controls on headphones are a grand convenience that saves you from digging your music player out of your pocket. But instead of placing a subtle set of buttons on the cord, Denon's new AH-D400 Urban Raver cans feature a large easy-to-access volume knob right on the ear.

It certainly makes it easy to quickly adjust the volume without having to fumble or feel your way over a set of tiny buttons — but the problem is that knob is just as easy for someone else to mess with too. Is that enough of a reason to completely dismiss a pair of headphones that also come with 50mm drivers and a built-in amp for added bass, and work with an accompanying iOS/Android app for configuring custom EQs? Absolutely not. But the $US400 price tag and the battery that has to be recharged every 12 hours might be.

[Denon via Chip Chick]

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