Kogan Launches Campaign To Counter Carbon Tax

They say any publicity is good publicity, and Ruslan Kogan's no stranger to generating as much as he can for himself and his online gadget store. Today it's no different, with the latest stunt emerging as a somewhat peaceful demonstration against the Gillard government's carbon pricing scheme or "carbon tax".

The carbon tax came into effect today around the country, and it sees the nation's top polluters pay for every tonne of carbon released into the atmosphere. The policy has divided the nation, with those opposed holding demonstrations over the last few months, with one as recent as this morning.

It's predicted that the carbon tax itself will see the cost of living in Australia rise by 0.7%, and that's where Ruslan Kogan's latest demonstration comes in.

Kogan sent this email to registered shoppers in the last 48 hours:

Today marks the beginning of the operation of the Carbon Tax. According to the governments's Clean Energy Website, the Carbon Tax will result in a 0.7% increase in the cost of living for Australians.

In response, Kogan is proud to announce the immediate introduction of a Carbon Tax Offset Trading Scheme. For the next 14 days (unless the Carbon Tax is repealed earlier), any Australian can claim their Carbon Tax Offset Trading Scheme Entitlement by simply entering the code CARBONTAX at the checkout of kogan.com, which will reduce the price of an order by 0.7%.

Ruslan Kogan is no fan of the Gillard government, as he made abundantly clear during his appearance on the Q & A program where he said that Australians wouldn't accept a Prime Minister who lied about the introduction of such a policy:

What Gillard has done at the moment is she lied to the public...about the carbon tax and Australians --- you know, we're forgiving people and we can accept a lot of things but we can't accept a liar...

It's a token gesture from Kogan and smacks of a stunt for publicity, but do you think we'll see more stores stand up against the policy? Should there be more protests like it? Personally I'm all for refunds, no matter how small, but let's keep the political views off the store shelves and keep them on panel programs like Q & A, shall we?



    Im all for this guy having a go and making gadgets cheaper for punters but sometimes he just seems like a kid wanting to cause trouble. Not a fan of that.

      I am

        Bad publicity is good publicity.

        When you're running an online store like he is, and offering good and reliable service, I don't think anyone really cares what he says.

          Yes, but he's not. He's offering cheap, badly made copies of better hardware with awful customer service to boot.

            I don't have any personal liking towards the guy, but I have an LCD and a convection microwave that are of great quality for the relative prices

          The thing is he's not good, or reliable... have a read of the comments on his facebook page...

        +1. I can't say I have used his shop yet but I enjoy the drama he causes.

    and gizmodo is never into politics?

    Kogans advertising methods pretty much revolve around stuff like this.

    In the future, please make your images smaller and more blurry.


        Black and white would also look really good.

          I thought sepia was all the rage these days?

    Good on him. Any protest against this stupid tax is good. Bring on the next election

      I'm more annoyed at my 100% increase in income tax TBH

      Yeah, because Tony Abbott is the best person to run the country!

        Better then Juliar

          Yeah because another idiot in power going against the scientific consensus is just what the world needs! DOWN WITH SCIENCE!

    "What Gillard has done at the moment is she lied to the public…about the carbon tax and Australians — you know, we’re forgiving people and we can accept a lot of things but we can’t accept a liar…"

    Because you know.... politicians are really good at keeping their word... /sarcasm

      And vigorous self promoters like Mr Kogan never shade the truth either.

      In 1995, John Howard pledged "never, ever" to introduce the GST. He led the Coalition to a large victory in the 1996 elections, and later introduced a GST. He went on to become Australia's longest serving Prime Minister (despite, you know, telling a fib).

        Howard went to an election stating that, if elected, he would introduce a GST. That election was about the GST, no lies or deceit whatsoever. Labor distorting the truth once again and faithful accolytes keeping the lie alive, as always.

          So "never, ever" actually means "except if I change my mind at a later date"?

          The point is that he made a categorical statement that he would not do it "ever". Saying "never, ever" is not a statement you can recant, unless you want it to be suggested that you didn't actually mean it. And before you come up with the "but he changed his mind" defense, how is that really any different to the current PM changing her mind after having to form a minority government?

          I don't like Julia's flip flopping either (it implies the original statement was poorly thought out), but suggesting that politicians need to call an election every time you don't like something they are doing is just petulant, and ignores the fact that you will get a say anyway. That's how democracies like ours work.

          Bide your time, and who knows? The victory may be all the sweeter.

        Second longest serving, and you forgot to mention that he took the GST backflip to an election.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

            And Tony Abbott was in favour of a carbon pricing scheme until he found he could make political mileage out of opposing it. Whats your point in calling people uninformed labor sheep, when you don't bother to inform yourself.

              That was when the Global Warming scam was at it's height and the majority believed it was all true. Time and the facts have proven the scam for what it is and sensible people are now taking restock of where they stand. Most people woudl see that as a good thing, able to adapt to changing circumstances and accepting that maybe they were wrong.

                Thats true, yet if you change your mind your labelled a liar. Also don't forget that the coalition has their direct action plan and has committed themselves to the same carbon reduction targets as labor and will be taxing people directly to pay for their plans as others have pointed out.

                  When you promise something when going to an election and then do the opposite after the election, that makes you a liar; you gave a promise and reneged on that promise. Changing one's mind and admitting so when there are no immediate implications on the lives or wellbeing of others, does not make one a liar.

                  Coalition plans are subject to change and likely will do so, as was Howard's earlier GST policy. But the important aspect is what the electorate is promised and then delivered that makes all the difference.

                  The global warming scam is dead. and everything associated with it will be dismantled - worldwide.

                Ahh. The scam, time and facts. I'm certain your biggest concern is that the carbon tax will may your aluminium foil hats more expensive.

                Just remember to go for the high quality foil. It lasts longer, and does a better job of keeping out the mind rays.

              A carbon pricing scheme and a carbon tax are two different things. Look it up. The model Abbott is proposing is what most of europe has adopted. Affirmative action, leading to real reductions in carbon dioxide, carbon capture, increase in solar schemes, not abolition of them and real incentives for companies introduce new technology. Taxing people only takes money from the rich and gives it to those whose votes you need to buy back after you blatantly lied to the country. If labor REALLY believed in climate change and reducing carbon dioxide, they'd have taken it to the electorate, but they couldn't. They couldn't convince the majority of their scheme, you know, the one announced but had no details for half a year. I loathe Rulan Kogan, but support his stand on the biggest government lie perpetrated on the Australian people.

              One politician took his backflip to an election. The other did not.
              +1 internet points if you guess which one refuses to take hers to an election.

    So the impact of the carbon tax is only 0.7% on my cost of living ? I don't see what the big fuss then.

      That's the figure given to us by the Govt that's introduced this tax. Yes it's totally believable considering their fantastic track record. I'm sure your next power bill will have far more than a 0.7% increase.

        Yeah because the only amount you have to pay is your power bill. If that's the total of your cost of living then you live pretty cheap anyway.

          Exactly. Your power bill may go up by a couple of percent. But in the big scheme of things out of your total expenses (the cost of living) what's effected supposedly only adds up to a 0.7% increase.

          In the even bigger scheme of things as well. Sure this money is being taxed from us but it's not like it's leaving the country and sailing off to Cuba. The money will be spent by the government and end up back in workers pockets. While we all have new infrastructure to enjoy to boot.

            Power bills are rising because of multiple factors, only partially because of carbon tax, most of the rise in NSW is due to network overbuild caused by the odd formula used to define how much "dividend" is paid from power consumers to the (liberal) state government - basically the more spent on network build, the higher the dividend (tax). So saying the rise in power pricing is "due" to the carbon tax is ... a lie ... lies on all sides.

              Not Cuba.. 'Iraq' & 'Afghanistan' anyone?

        yeah and you can totally believe her, considering she said she would never introduce a carbon tax

          You know, this carbon pricing period is pretty much what Turnball and before him Howard, wanted before and ETS , which is EXACTLY what we are getting.

          Julia, did say in ONE interview just before the election that she wouldn't introduce a tax, if you recall during that election Abbott was found to have "lied" on a few occasions so then he declared that you can only take him seriously when he writes something down. I'm sure that if Labor had won the election we wouldn't have the carbon price, just an ETS, but Labor didnt win government on their own they had to form government with the Greens and the Independents. Its called DEMOCRACY if you don't like it leave.

          And Tony has never lied? What is this presumed surprise that politicians sometimes lie. Tony Abbot has even said don't believe what he says unless it's in written form. WTF?! Cognitive dissonance, that's what it is.

      The problem is that the figure of 0.7% was arrived at by a poltician, and is therefore a lie.

        Department of treasury actually came up with the figure. Any higher increases may be possible and may also be price hikes by business disguised as the tax.

    So I save myself $2.8 on a $408 iPad. Bargain. I just got a letter from my electricity company saying I will be charge $100 per bill to cover the carbon tax and our local petrol prices went up by 8c today as well (coincident??)

      Report it to the body set up to look at rorting of the carbon tax. There is no way your bill will need to go up $100 just for the carbon tax. They have added a lot of extras in there that they will call something like 'cost of connection'. As for petrolits not even subject to the tax. Don't be fooled by gougers. The forecast 0.7% increase was the result of economic modeling b y experts, not a figure pluck out of the air. However, they well have it wrong. Hell, it may even by DOUBLE what they are predicting... So an increase of maybe 1.4%. Geez that's going to break the bank. Might have to buy one less latte per week.

      Tony Abbott is such a hyprocite. This tax is so terrible yet he was part of a government that introduced a 10% tax on EVERYTHING. Thats right 10%, not 0.7%.

      As for Julia being a liar, well she did say her government would not introduce a carbon tax. Two things are worth noting here. The first is that carbon pricing (not a carbon tax) has always been a part of ALP policy. They have never said they would not pursue carbon pricing. The second thing is that she didn't win government. She was able to form a minority government so in minority governments you often see compromises of this nature. I have not doubt that if labor had one an absolute majority we would be looking at an ETRS rather than a carbon tax. It's semantics really.

      My final point is this. Who is really complaining about have to spend an extra maybe $5 per week to put something into action that is the best action we can take at the moment to dominate to a reduction in carbon pollution? And don't forget the the 'direct action' policy of the coalition would cost tax payers a lot more than $5 per week.

        All the scare mongering is getting old, uninformed people talking about something that hadn't come into effect at that time, so not only are they uniformed, they are also witches!

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Depending on the proportion of your total bill (I've got no idea whether you live as a hermit, subsist entirely on solar power or run warehouse raves) a $100 may be something you should seek further information about.

      The ACCC has made some comments about this sort of behaviour where less scrupulous businesses are using this as an opportunity to make deceptive statements about pricing changes.

        edit: Of course that should read "a $100 increase per bill" - sorry about that.

        Link to some of the ACCC comments, if you're interested:


          So if your bill is going up $100/quarter does that mean your bill was already over $1000/q? Maybe it's time to cut back a little bit?

            Electricity increases are at 18%, so his bill is closer to $500 a quarter, same as mine. All prices will go up as everyone tries to recover costs, it won't all happen overnight, but it will happen. Same thing happened with the GST, sales tax went from 22% down to 10% so big business got their prices back up. These taxes, GST, Carbon, Mining, income etc. are all designed to drive more money into Government coffers, business won't wear them so the consumer always loses. Too many clowns are playing the Lib vs Labor game, the battle is the sitting Government vs the greater community.

      Ours have dropped by that or more in the last 2 weeks.

      As for power bills, they will do anything to charge you more, Origin/Country Energy 200 dollars a month in non electricity associated fees, one is an admin fee the other is a fee to have the privilege of having power..

    brilliant pisstake by Kogan, love it!! 0.7% isnt going to bother anyone,

    As for the tax, it has already existed in different forms in most states already... it's just blown up by media and people who would whinge at anything that was remotely progress... whether it will work or not who knoes, most things any of our gov'ts try fail...

    0.7% seems pretty good to me as opposed to 10% introduced by the Howard government.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        And here is proof that zombies do exist!

      GST was supposed to replace the already existing taxes on products, make it easy and stream lined... a lot of things had 20% or higher tax applied... The greens screwed that up though...

        No they didn't. They basically had no political influence at the time due to the structure of the senate. I believe your thinking of the democrats (and several state governments who reneged on agreed tax cuts).

          Yes, Sales Tax went from 22% down to 10%... that's why duty free isn't so cheap anymore.
          Other product which attracted no tax were then subject to 10% tax.
          But I don't rememer the greens being involved in any way.

      I don't know if you were even born let alone earning an income when gst came in but I remember a nice reduction in income tax happening at the same time.

        Yeah and this tax came with equivalent compensation for 90% of people

    How do you tell when a politician is lying? Answer: their lips are moving.

      Dear Mr Kogan The IDEA behind the carbon tax is that funds are now available from the government to companies like yours to switch to clean energy. Using clean energy TECHNOLOGY. Yes Technology! This is an opportunity for FORWARD THINKING TECHNOLOGY companies to lead the way. If you weren’t so blinkered by your politics you may have seen this as an OPPORTUNITY not an OBSTACLE! - Disappointing Mr Kogan, disappointing

        They're taxing top

        They're taxing top polluters, not every Australian business. Most likely Ruslan will see an increase only in his electricity bill, that's it.

          And his freight charges, boxes, packaging, cost to import as well as his rent. And if he buys a coffee in the morning, the stationary he will use in his invoices, and the disposal of his garbage too. Shall I go on? Time to take the blinkers off.

        Caps lock is cruise control for cool Steve.

    Don't forget that the Liberals have the same carbon reduction target as Labor but the Liberal "direct action" policy would do it at significantly greater cost and by handing our money to polluters. No thanks.

      Any policy that has any sort of handout/compensation has that flaw, including Labor's scheme.

      It's hardly just business that's responsible for pollution - society as a whole is as it continues to support this sort behaviour knowing full well how how bad a lot of it is. That doesn't excuse business of course, but the truth is that most people just don't care if caring might mean they had to make less convinient/more costly choices. Look at the insane smartphone upgrade/waste cycle for example.

      Far easier to instead blame "big polluters" and so on before even considering doing anything differently...

        If you don't blame 'big polluters' then who do you blame? Care to mention workable alternatives? Opinion is cheap, facts are expensive

          Reading comprehension fail. Specifically where I said "That doesn’t excuse business of course".

          My point is that supporting these businesses is just as bad as the businesses themselves - they wouldn't exist if people actually cared enough to change their buying behaviour instead of pretending they have no choice.

          What percentage of the population buys greenpower for example? That's the real percentage that actually care about moving away from fossil fuels.

    That's not how you do maths, kogan. By your logic, an item that is $100 before GST, $110 after GST (+10%), would only be $99 after a magical GST(-10%) subsidy.

    But thanks for the fraction of a fraction of a cent.

    Next time you need to get your refrigerated air conditioning serviced be prepared for a shock especially if its lost gas. The pricing of refrigerant went up from around $30/kg up to $99/kg yesterday, especially if you have a larger unit that needs 4-6kg of gas put in it..

    Even the new units coming INTO the country are being charged around the $45/kg of gas. Most of them hold that 3-6kg mark (and sometimes even more).

      Guess that means it's time to look for a non-greenhouse refrigerant that doesn't attract the tax.

      Hey look, it's working!

    its called socialism
    gillard has a chip on her back about not being rich growing up
    carbon tax is just her way of taxing the rich and buying votes from the poo.

    Wow !! 0.7% discount from kogan ?! awe some !!! ......................................................

      And for the first time its a discount that doesn't exclude MacBooks, iPhones and iPads!

      I wonder how this offsets his very own Internet Explorer tax?

    Considering Kogan is already ripping off the government and the taxpayers by claiming to be "Australian" but working as an overseas company to avoid paying taxes here and not collecting GST on goods sold its pretty rich of Ruslan to call Gillard a liar.

      The goods are cheaper for me, I don's see the problem. Considering that all the other retailers screw you over with the prices.

        mmmm ... I guess it IS consistent for a company that assists sales tax avoidance (and thus less money for hospitals, schools, the disabled, etc) and that imports goods produced in overseas sweatshops and gives F-all in philanthropic donations to be against a tax that his company does not even pay and its customers don't even pay on the gadgets they sell ... oh I am hopelessly confused now. Self righteous C*&^s.

        Because it's a tax, that other retailers pay. You know, taxes that fund social programs, education, healthcare and the like? Want to know what happens when everyone can dodge taxes like they dodge frisbees? Greece, italy would be good candidates.

      Yeah it's not like kogans products are manufactured here. He will pay a bit more on electricity to run his servers. And that's IF there in Australia.

    http://www.casebuddy.com.au has CARBON TAX discount also. It is 10% however.

      Thanks for pointing that out, Jeff! It's going to be our Lunchtime Deal, despite the naff promo code.

    All those saying the carbon tax should never of been brought in. I'll give you 3 litle letters. GST. '96 John Howard "there will never be a GST". '00 John Howard "ok we're implementing a GST, the people are stupid and won't look back at history".

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Wow Warp, is it your memory or your reading skills tha are the problem here ?

    I'd happily pay an extra 0.7% if it'd made that nob-head angry. What a tool.

      You sir, can call him Mr future Prime Minister. You can thank Juliar for that happening.

    It's not a coincidence Kogan rhymes with bogan

    "but let’s keep the political views off the store shelves and keep them on panel programs like Q & A, shall we?"

    Where they do what exactly??

    Someone stands up to the man like everyone should do and you trivialise it?..

    Nice.. real nice.

    I wonder if the anti carbon tax people are the same ones that said the world will end when we took lead out of petrol.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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