Keep Your Liquid Contraband Cool With An Insulated Paper Bag Sleeve

Using Tyvek, the same engineered plastic fabric that's used to wrap and seal homes while they're being constructed, this faux paper bag not only camouflages a controlled substance when consumed in public, it also helps keep it refreshingly cold.

The old paper bag trick is usually associated with so-called hobos as they try to keep their hooch secret from Johnny Law. But with this Tyvek beverage cooler that looks like a crumpled up brown paper bag, anyone can pretend to be a substance-abusing down-on-their-luck individual. As long as they still have about $9 to their name, plus shipping and handling. [Thabto via Likecool]


    Never did think that the brown paper bag was a very goof camouflage...

    Maybe in the day when all shopping stuff was sent home in brown paper bags...

    Now they need to make it look more like a generic plastic shopping bag (for those Jurisdictions that haven't outlawed them)
    Off topic:
    Frankly, I can't see why anywhere in the world still allows plastic shopping bags... Paper bags are so much more biodegradable (though orders of magnitude more expensive, and they consume more oil stocks than the plastic ones....) just in the interests of waste and pollution (waterways especially).

      It's not meant to be a 'disguise' since anyone on the face of the planet (especially a cop) knows exactly what it is. There's a great scene in The Wire that addresses this.

      It's an unspoken compromise allowing people to drink in public, as long as they're being reasonably well-behaved, without being hassled by cops. It gives police plausible deniability to overlook public consumption, to instead perform more meaningful arrests. You'll never see a cop busting a hobo with a paper bag in the street because the world is no better from locking him up or taking away his booze.

    I like to brown paper bag my glass coke bottle to mess with police in crowds.

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