Judge Sanctions Samsung For Destroying Evidence In Apple Case

A Californian federal judge has sanctioned Samsung for destroying evidence which makes up part of a case it's fighting against Apple over patent infringement. Naughty, Samsung.

On Wednesday, Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal explained that Sammy had "failed to prevent the destruction of relevant evidence" in the form of company emails, and went on to suggest the company could have done more to preserve them.

As Apple no doubt sat gleefully rubbing its hands in excitement, Samsung was forced to explain its company policy of deleting all company email after just two weeks. But the judge pointed out that Samsung continued to delete emails even after it knew about the litigation -- so it should have taken steps to change the policy.

While it's not clear if the decision to keep deleting messages was intentional, it may be convenient for Samsung that the email trail isn't complete. Clearly, it's not just Apple that plays sneaky. [Wall Street Jounral]



    Not to mention Google specifically told Samsung NOT to manufacture the Galaxy Tab as it was a replica of the iPad.

      They told them it was too similar, saying they "specifically told Samsung NOT to manufacture the Galaxy Tab" is disingenuous.

      That said, it's still missing the Apple logo, the crappy, failing on my girlfriend's iPhone home button and it is made to be used in landscape mode, hence the camera being in the middle of the top of the device. And the second you turned the screens on, you'd know which was the iPad and which was the widget covered, customisable Android. Anyone close enough to hold the box would easily see the difference. The Galaxy phone series are even less like their "iPhone counterparts." A judge holding them from across the room probably would get a few shrugs with a dead on Xoom at that rate.

      That said, all of the Outlook emails were saved, but another email client that was used deleted emails after two weeks and this process was stopped when Apple actually launched legal action. Which I think is fair enough. The Register has a much clearer article on the matter than this stub.

      And it's worth keeping in mind I will probably not purchase a Samsung as one of my next devices, if that's any kind of win for your Samsung article trolling.

    Well if your clicking on the links that you know contain apple products thats what you will read about... I thought that was obvious?

    i LOVE my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (the original).... but im so Fraking sick of this apple VS samsung... CRAP!!!... oh no the galaxy phone looks like an iphone.... WHO CARES !!! they both work completely different... i cant B Fraked hearing anymore about this... im going to the Padfone ASAP... Bugger them both... not all publicity is good publicity... !!!

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