Jelly Bean Voice Search Looks Like A Feature That Might Actually Be Useful

How much is Angelina Jolie worth? Where did Natalie Portman go to college? How do I get to the Moscone Centre on foot? What's the height restriction for the Space Mountain ride? What fish species are in Lake Tahoe? Google's new voice search knows the answer to all of these questions and in Jelly Bean it can speak them to you without even breaking a sweat.

This nine-minute video demonstrates just how much work Google has put into the new voice search on Jelly Bean. It's seriously impressive.

Knowledge Graph results look very slick, it speaks everything in a pleasant voice and doesn't take too long to get you a response.

It will even do a barrel roll for you. [YouTube via Engadget]



    That's very very impressive. Not a big fan of talking to the phone but sometimes it can be actually useful. Specially if it works like this.

    Love the knowledge graph results. Pretty sleek.

      Yeah the knowledge graph stuff is amazing. Cool stuff like this sells tablets to geeks like me. Must.Not. Spend.Needlessly.

    Very impressive, especially when you consider these services only get better as they gather data on user input.
    Looking forward to it.

    will be good if it works in the country you use it... namely Australia.

      which it should, unlike siri it isnt pulling data from us specific sites like yelp

    Ummmm. Anyone heard of that old feature called Siri on an iPhone? This will be just as much of a gimmick. I admit that the search feature looks slightly better, but in the end, no one will use this anywhere but in private. You will look pretty stupid doing this on a bus. It also looks just as limited as Siri. No way to control the device, only search web, make calls, sent texts and set reminders. This is boring and old. Complete copy of siri that is just ticking a box to try to make android keep up with iOS.

    Why cant they do something great, rather than simply making a siri clone with a few modifications. Very disappointed.

      Derp derp derp

      They're aimed at differnet things. Siri is much more interact-with-your-phone centric, while Google Now is more online-services centric.

      You realised that Siri basically aped Google Voice Actions first right? And that even Now isn't comparable since it performs different (and more) functions.

    It looks like it is will fix the problem with "call home", "calling Aaron", cancel "CALL home", "calling John", cancel "CALLLLL HOME!", "Calling Emergency Services".

    My phone has no idea what I'm saying

    GOD DAMN IT!!!
    Why does everything/ everyone bastardise Douglas Adams' work.
    The answer to life the universe and everything is not 42.
    42 is the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything.

    If you read the later books you'll know the question ends up being 6 x 7.
    The answer was given very early on in the series, the question was revealed towards the end.

      6 x 9, actually. "Says a lot about the Universe."

    This looks super slick. That being said - will it know Australian English?

    This does look better than Siri. The only issue with this video is that the voice talking to the phone seems like a recording and all setup. The perfect take of when he said the question, skips the fact that he set it to search stocks and sport.

    Impressive, yet this video does not show normal use.

    generally speaking, it has the same features as siri until it gets into the complex search features. siri is pretty good, but this is clearly better by a margin. you can also see google open it up in the future for system settings which will be very cool.

    for me, the only times i use siri is to send a quick message, add a reminder or calendar entry. the new features announced for siri in ios6 doesn't offer me any more value. it'll be hard for apple to match google in the search dept.

    The good old pub quiz.was already murdered by people tapping away at their phone. Now they can do it in stealth

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