It Seems That Cars Can Explode In Real Life Just Like In The Movies

Usually, cars don't explode in a huge ball of fire, as Michael Bay wants you to believe. Unless you are at the Kashira highway in Moscow, Russia, just like these guys.

It seems that the driver tried to extinguish the flames before they reached the gas tank. The sound is not THX, but the flame ball is spot on. [Thanks Karl!]


    Such is life in Russia

      Diesel can explode in an incredibly violent fashion, unlike regular petrol.

    That's some real GTA Russia shit right here!

    Just a burning car ....Might drive past for a closer look ?
    My money is on the little white car driver having to "clean the seat" when they got home !

      Very true!

      hahaha yes, good call.

      LOL! +1

    Hey Boris, you forgot to get the vodka out of the boot

    I hope no one was hurt!
    If the tank was reasonably empty I suppose any car would go like this if hot enough to vaporise enough of that remaining fuel first.

      this is exactly what i'm thinking. normally the only time we have had car to explode is through bodgy LPG conversions and the tank is near-empty.
      then again it could have been something the car was carrying and judging by the fact that the car wasn't really lifted at all it doesn't seem to have come from the underside of the vehicle.

    Unlikely to be the car, more likely to be something the car is carrying.

    The car was carrying gear to the set of the Michael Bay movie being filmed downtown.

    In Soviet Russia, rubber burns you!!!

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