Is Your Nexus 7's Screen Loose?

Google's new Nexus 7 is a great little tablet, but it may have bigger problems than being difficult to unpack: we're hearing reports that suggest many of the devices have a loose screen.

Phandroid reports that, in some cases, the screen creaks whenever pressure is applied to it. Over time, some users have even reported that the glass begins to protrude over the edge of the bezel. A thread on XDA Developers suggests that it's easy enough to fix by taking off the back and tightening a couple of screws. Australian order should start arriving from Google next week. Did you get yours early? Is your screen loose? Have you tried the fix? [Phandroid, XDA Developers]


    I'm hoping mine will be in the local depo by the time I finish work. But if your in Sydney you could be getting yours today.

    i have a transformer prime and it feels like the same thing is happening with it.

      No problems with mine :-)

    Oh man you're giving me Palm Pre flashbacks. Wiggly case! AGH!

    Mine's good. Solid. I also don't get these unboxing difficulties either, child proof maybe?

    I have had mine for a week or so. Yes the screen is loose. I cant find a number or support link in Australia. I rang the Google office in Sydney. He suggested doing a Google search. Ummm, pardon? And to check forums for people who have had the same problem. I take he is not suggesting pull the back off and tighten the screws myself?
    BTW, mine was solid for most of the week...problem only became apparent in the last day or two.

      Had mine for 3 days . screen creaks and is protruding on one side. Not happy. Have a iPhone and wanted to get away from Apple to see what the other side is like. Don't get me wrong, I like the way the Nexus 7 works but Apple products ooze quality. .

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