Is HTC The New Doomed Phone Manufacturer?

HTC's fortunes aren't going so well. At the start of the year, the company announced a 22 per cent decline in operating income, year-on-year. Today, it's had the misfortune to announce that its second quarter net profits for 2012 are down a hideous 57 per cent compared to the year before.

That's a drop in net profit of more than $US250 million. HTC is pointing to problems with US imports and weaker-than-expected European sales to explain it away. But are we in fact just seeing the first signs of the Taiwanese company's slow decline? Is HTC the next RIM? [HTC via Reuters]


    I hope not, they make great phones. I think they just need to listen to customers a bit more instead of telling them what they want.

    People have always complained about HTC's less than stellar battery life, but HTC just says 'that is the price of a thin phone'

    Personally I wouldn't mind a few mm's added for a few extra hours on the battey. Other than that they make great phones, Sad to see they are having trouble.


        Yep - I've got the One X and the battery is shameful. If you actually want to 'use' it - I need to have a charger at home, work and in the car just to make sure it gets through a day. Great phone tho...

    As long as they stick to 3 phones a year like the One range they should be sweet.

      + 1. They were making so many models it was insane. Make a couple and do it well. Yeah, and listen to your customers or they will be RIM clones

    If it wasn't for the s3 I'd buy a HTC...simple as that. Even tossing up the one XL to have 4g still. They make great phones. To me its not the iphone preventing sales (although apple still are) but samsung because its the closest android has to a cult following (IMO)

    Better battery life and their profits will soar.
    It's all that is holding them back, and HTC, BETTER battery life is what everybody wants now!

    i wouldnt buy another one. my Desire Z isnt getting ice cream snadwich and almost every other phone that came out around the same time is.

      The original Desire didn't get it either, but I appreciated that HTCs do better with custom roms compared to Samsung phones.

      maybe because it cant and also the fact its the desire z which is crap

    just goes to show, it's not what you sell it's how you sell. all the brain dead morons run around screaming Apple is great when it's clearly NOT. then you get a great product they can't sell enough to make a profit.
    problem is we are all sheep waiting to be herded were ever the might of the spin pushes us.

    I got the HTC one x cause the sgs3 was too pricey. Simple as that

    I was a big HTC fan but they have been super slow to update software so they have lost me as a customer. Bought my girlfriend a Sony Erricson Xperia Pro which has already been upgraded to ICS while my Incredible S is still stuck on gingerbread

    I hope not. They're a brilliant company with brilliant phones. They've just been caned by Apple and the patent trolls and dented by Samsung's "Cheap, fast and cheerful" approach....well, fast and cheerful anyway....even if they are cheap looking, they ain't cheap!

    Come on HTC, pull yourself together. The One XL is brilliant and I can't wait for your next one

    HTC is letting itself get pushed around by the US carriers unlike Samsung and Apple. How many carriers is the undiluted One X on? One + a bastardised HTC Evo 4G LTE. It doesn't matter if they trim down their product line to focus on the "One" series, if the carriers say no, they'll have to make poorer versions to play ball.

      i dont get why carriers do that they always just make it worse. They know networks they should stick to that.

    I like HTC. I like senseUI. I like the fact that they make fast, responsive phones. Also they are one of the few manufacturers that make decent 3.5" android phones. 4" is tooooooo big.

    Guys complaining about battery life on the One - X grab a free app called Juice defender will double your battery life. By turning off a few things when it's sleeping. Best app I've put on my phone. I ended up buying it for $5 as it customisable Iwith the pro edition. I get 3-4 X most life outta my battery. Hope this helps.

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