Is Google Chrome's Shockwave Plugin Making Your Computer Freak Out?

If the issues with Gtalk and Twitter weren't already enough, we're having yet another issue over at Giz HQ. Shockwave is wreaking havoc on our Chrome browsers.

Not that Shockwave hasn't already been a resource hog, but today is especially bad. Maybe it's a temporary incompatibility with OS X Mountain Lion or some other random issue that will (hopefully) be patched soon. But we're suffering. Anyone else — especially those of you on other platforms — notice any Shockwave issues in Chrome?


    forget shockwave, i can't even get chrome to launch at all under mountain lion, very frustrating having to switch back to firefox after being on chrome for so long

    Using IE on Win7 - so no resource issues.


    Running on Windows 7, Chrome has become a dog, especially with any flash advertisements that load whilst scrolling a page.

      Same here, when opening something heavy with flash ads - especially those obnoxious full page overlay type ones - everything grinds to a halt. Even if the guilty tab is in the background. Hope they fix it soon...

      Use ad block and flash block - that should fix up most of these issues.

      The latest AVG 2012 update has screwed Chrome up - it defaults the new tab list to an AVG search screen, and Chrome performance has taken a hit.

      What gives, AVG?

        Just switch to MSE, it's free and works just as well as AVG.
        I was an AVG user for years until one day they buried the free version download link so deep I got lost.

    Swapped back to Firefox yesterday, Chrome keeps hanging for me and that means no reason to use it. Speed is what matters to me.

    Is it helpful to mention that under Firefox flash player every so often freaks out and makes
    weird r.11 or r.12 errors? Usually when loading ads from Giz or Lifehacker

      Also while my comment is awaiting moderation, I forgot to mention this has only been
      happening the past 3 weeks or so, never before?

    To be expected really, he is a Decepticon.

    Those giant 600x300 ads kill my CPU Fan and I'm still on lion. I don't have flash installed outside chrome.

    No problems here Windows 7 latest Chrome on Core i7 - been that way for three years and counting...

    Been having issues with Flash, YouTube videos distorting sound if the player volume is up. Having to turn it down or use other browsers.

    Install the ScriptNo plugin, full granular control of what scripting occurs on the page, very good at diagnosing what a problems cause is, but also at keeping all that unneeded junk from being loaded.

    Recently bought a MacBook Retina. Chrome was the first thing I installed and I found my Mac kept randomly logging out, console logs were saying it was Chrome related. I restored and reinstalled 4 times, each time installing chrome at different intervals to see if it was in fact causing the problem. Each time after installing Chrome I would get random log outs again.
    I've now restored for the 5th time and am solely using Safari and Firefox along with every other program I'd installed, Office, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, VLC etc etc and not a single problem (has been 2 weeks)
    Chrome definitely isn't playing nice with OSX sadly, it was my favourite browser too.

    The click-to-play (run plugins) feature within Chrome and Firefox 14 is quite handy in stopping those plugin annoyances. In Chrome, it should be in about:flags, and in FF, should be in about:config, easily findable.
    By the way, are we actually referring to Adobe's Shockwave or Flash? I didn't think many people used Shockwave anymore?

    Firefox has actually been pretty decent lately so I've switched back to that, no issues. Both on my personal Win 7 computer, and my older Win XP based work computer.

    No problem here but then again I use Firefox with adblock and NoScript.

    Chrome on Win7. I have Shockwave / Flash set to manual, meaning I have to allow the plugin to run. A little bit of a pain but way better than having resources hogged and stupid, stupid, stupid noisy ads automatically appearing.

    On my Lenovo I have a weird issue with Flash and Chrome. Normally when I plug into power, I get a single beep to notify. In certain circumstances (usually when Flash is hogging and about to hang) I plug in power and get beep after beep after beep. I though my transformer was screwed until I realised I could re-create it every time, and stop it by killing Chrome.

    good good, i was about to throw my laptop to the trash, glad i'm not alone :) os : win7 ultimate 64 bit

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