Inside An Olympics Photographer’s Bag

Inside An Olympics Photographer’s Bag

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be a photographer at a major sporting event, Pop Photo has the next best thing: an in-depth interview with Getty photographer Streeter Lecka, who’s going to be shooting the London Olympics in intimate detail.

In the interview, he goes into some depth about the contents of his bag, the kit he can’t do without, and intricacies like transmitting images to his editors. As a taster:

How many bodies did you bring with you?
I actually brought four bodies all together. In the bag that I’ll take on a daily basis will be the two Canon 1D Xs. The other two are the older 1D Mark IVs which I’ll use as remote cameras.

What is your lens selection like?
I have a 400mm F/2.8, which is my big lens that I’ll be using all the time. I have two 70-200mm lenses. One is the newer F/2.8L IS II and I also have an F/4. If I’m shooting something outdoors during the day, the F/4 will be fine. But anything that’s going to be shot at night or in a dark arena, I’m going to bring the F/2.8.

As far as wide angle lenses are concerned, I’ll take a 16-35mm F/2.8 and a 15mm fisheye lens as well.

Lecka says he expects to snap 2000-4000 images every day during the Olympics, so he’s somewhat of an authority on the topic. If that’s enough to whet your appetite, you should head over to Pop Photo to read the whole interview — because it’s really damn interesting. [Pop Photo via Peta Pixel]