Insanely Detailed 1/6th Scale Figure Is The Closest You'll Get To Owning An Iron Man Suit

You might not have the genius-level IQ and billions of dollars needed to build yourself a flying suit of armour like Tony Stark did. But with around $US200 and a healthy imagination, Hot Toys' insanely detailed Iron Man Mark VII figure could fill that void in your heart.

The company is well known for crafting remarkably detailed miniature versions of comic book heros, but its take on the Mark VII suit goes above and beyond the call of duty. It's covered in movable flaps, hidden weapons, and includes optional battle-damaged body panels. You can even swap in Robert Downey Jr.'s head, even though it might ruin the superhero fantasy of you being behind that mask.

[Hot Toys (Facebook) via Nerd Approved]

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