Incredible World-Translating App Word Lens Is Finally On Android

Basically the coolest and most futuristic app for iOS is finally on Android. Word Lens -- the augmented reality app that translates signs, newspapers, menus and anything else from one language to another in real time -- is finally out on Android.

After a few minutes of testing the Android version, this initial build is decent, but very jumpy. It's definitely not for reading anything more than a few lines at a time, and even then you'll need to steady your hand. It's fine, but not as solid as the iOS version. That's a sad continuation of popular apps showing up very late to Android and not being as good as their iOS counterparts (looking at you, Instapaper Android app that shoots you to the top of an article every time you turn the phone sideways).

But still, Word Lens is the kind of HOLY SH*T HOW DID IT DO THAT ARE YOU A SORCERER app that makes the little hunks of rare earth minerals in our pockets feel truly futuristic. Anyway, the app is up in the Google Play store for $US5. [Google Play via Quest Visual]



    You mean like Google Goggles app? (Which has been out for ages)

      No. It's nothing like Google Goggles. It translates words in real time without taking a photo. Just point it at any sign or clear line of text, and, choose your language to translate. Then the augmented reality part covers up the original text and replaces it with the translation. All in real time.

        So.. Like google goggles but 'prettier'. Got it.

          And as a double post because I can't edit.
          Realtime is pretty, but if you have time to fish out your phone and fire up the app, it's kinda irrelevant that it's realtime. I don't care if I have to wait 2 more seconds to press a button to translate.

          But is the feature of the dodgy realtime (Even the article states you must have a steady hand etc) worth the $5 when you can get google goggles for free and the trade off is you have to press a button?

          However, I must admit, this app would be cool with some more development and combined with the horrible google glasses. Imagine going international and just wearing the glasses and having everything translated. Would be awesome in museums.

    Better on android though. Surely. And free!

    I'll start using it in a few years when they decide to add some Asian languages. If ever.

    You mean exactly like Bing Vision and Microsoft's Translator app (both free) on WP7?

      My thoughts exactly. Using the Camera function of Translator is just ... uncanny. It's the sort of thing that justifies the whole concept of augumented reality.

    Galaxy Note, OS: ICE 4.0.3; purchased French-English >>> absolute rubbish!!! On the surface and on the Spanish video demo it looks fantastic, but in French it simply doesn’t work. The screen is jumping, confused (and so is the user…) and it simply doesn’t work. Why can’t the developers withold the app until it is perfect? They shouldn’t use the would be purchasers as app-testers…. Pull up your trousers and get it right before offering it!!!

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