IKEA 'Studies' Aussie Sleepers, Comes Up With This Hilarious Video

There's about as much science here as there isn't blatant product placement, but what do you expect from a promotional IKEA video? I was prepared for the worst when I clicked the play button, but was pleasantly surprised by its solid use of humour and pseudo-informative content.

Originally posted back in April, it managed to slip under our radar and while a few months' old, it's well worth watching. In it, IKEA "sleep expert" Alvar Karlsson takes us through the seven types of sleeping positions the company has supposedly identified. The funnier ones include the "Black Belt" and "Chatterbox", though the "Snuggler" made me chuckle the first time I saw it.

Towards the end, there's an interactive bit where you can select one of the seven types and be redirected to another video that focuses on it. Personally, I know I'm a "Log", dead to the world the moment I fall asleep, though I kind of wish I was a Black Belt.


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