If You Haven't Read Wool, Watch This Trailer And Begin Obsessing

If you haven't read Wool, I'm jealous of you -- I wish I could read it again for the first time. Hugh Howley's series of self-published novelas is one of the best works of science fiction I've ever read.

Even better (or worse?): Film director brothers Ridley and Tony Scott have bought the rights to make it into a movie.

But this looks like a trailer for the upcoming book -- a collection of the first five novelas -- which Random House is publishing in 2013. Watch it, get obsessed, and then read.


    Is this another one of those “Visit New Zealand” ads?

    Awesome books! Can't wait to see if the movie does the series justice.

    Tony Scott is awesome. The movie will star Denzel, there will be lots of shaky cam and someone will get shot.

    I have to say I am quite skeptical. It seems like it could easily be stupid internet hype, as it is not anything I have ever heard of before, yet it has 1258 reviews on amazon.com and all the bad ones are relentlessy attacked. So can anyone tell me how it stacks up against Mick Farren's CORP*S*E or the film A Boy & His Dog, which seem to work under a similar premise? Alternatively, if you like Wool, what other sci-fi do you like? I don't feel like blowing $10 on any more rubbish.

      To put 1258 reviews into context - nothing that I would rate a must-read sci-fi classic has more than 500 reviews. e.g. John Scalzi's Old Man's War (480), Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon (257) or Peter F. Hamilton's The Reality Dysfunction (259).

    Hmm. Not quite sure what's going on here. The omnibus is already available on Amazon as a paperback and the link from the end of the vid is junk (as mentioned above). The books may be good (haven't read them), but the marketing execution si crap.

    This smacks of a marketing scam...hey man, some of us are pretty bright and see right through your ruse. The only question is: "Are you (all) an idiot, or do you think we're collectively idiots?" Not that going for the idiot collective isn't smart. It's a big club. All of us occasionally hold membership. Still. Insulting.

    Just downloaded all of the sci fi listed above!

    Time for a sci fi fan fav round up wouldn't you say? What should I add to my kindle collection? I'm going old school and tracking down a copy of a book i read about 20 years back Harry Harrison's Make Room, Make Room.

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