I Want To Try This Intriguing Coffee Maker

I Want To Try This Intriguing Coffee Maker

According to Gizmodo alumnus and extraordinaire coffee connoisseur Matt Buchanan, this coffee maker seems interesting: “Oh, interesting. Haven’t seen it [before]. It’s an immersion brewer, like a french press or clever dripper… the coffee it puts out will be like a french press,” he said.

“I personally prefer paper filtration. It’s cleaner — but yeah, it looks like a solid device. You don’t have that agitation you get from plunging with a french press.”

The Cafino coffee plunger, made from stainless steel and glass, was designed for Luminaire by Tassilo von Grolman. This is how it works:

Simply place finely ground coffee beans into the double stainless steel mesh sieve, insert into the heat resistant borosilicate glass cylinder, pour boiled water to capacity, and let the aroma unfold. After brewing and removal of the sieve, the bitterns are also removed from the coffee maker, and it is all done in an ecologically friendly manner, without filter bags.

Unlike Matt, I don’t mind the residues of the coffee plunger, but if this thing avoids them, it may be worth the $US165. [Luminaire via Uncrate]