Hypnotising Art Installation Makes This Airport More Pleasant

Nope, it's not a museum. This mesmerising video is of "Kinetic Rain", an installation in Terminal 1 of Singapore's Changi Airport.

Created by Berlin firm ART+COM, the weather-inspired sculpture comprises two sections, each of which has 608 raindrops -- tear-shaped droplets are made of lightweight aluminium covered with copper affixed to steel ropes. They dance to a 15-minute pre-programed dance, manned by a computer-controlled machine hidden in the ceiling above. It's so hypnotising, you could stare at it for hours. Just don't miss your flight. [Hungeree via This Is Colassal]


    Very cool.
    Would love to see more of the wider angle shots though.
    Oh well.. Might have to go for a trip then.

      +1 for wider shots. Close ups were generally pointless

    That's incredibly cool. I love the idea of coolness for coolness sake, might cost a little more or be shrugged off by some folks, but it's what makes places great.

    Changi Airport is absolutely the best I've been at out of any of the ones I've been at on 4 continents.


      Best for design, comfort and facilities without being overcrowded to the max. Good thing it's a popular stopover for flights to/from Aus :)

    It's great but I have a sudden urge to reach for scissors - it is the feral in me.

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