How Much Does Apple Make On Every iPhone And iPad Sold?

It's no secret that Apple likes to maintain high profit margins on its iPad, iPhone and Mac products, but nobody knew just how much the company made for every device sold. Now thanks to Cupertino's patent vendetta against Samsung, we're privy to the details. Just how much does Apple make per iPad and iPhone sold?

According to documents sighted by Electronista, Apple made between 49 and 58 per cent back on every iPhone sold in the last two years. The iPad meanwhile had much lower profit margins of between 23 and 32 per cent in the two year period.

Based on some back-of-the-envelope maths, that means Apple makes between $172.48 (16GB new iPad Wi-Fi) and $287.68 (64GB new iPad 3G+Wi-Fi) for every iPad sold, and makes between $463.42 (iPhone 4S 16GB) and $579.42 (iPhone 4S 64GB) for every iPhone sold. No wonder it has billions in the bank. [Electronista]

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