How Many Of Your Friends Still Use Dumbphones?

I was in the airport last week surrounded by grumpy delayed travellers, one of whom was brandishing his feature phone with pride. "I just want my phone to be a phone," he tried to tell a fellow grumpster. I shook my head in dispair.

You'd think in today's iPhone and Android-saturated world guys like that would be outliers. But US telco AT&T reported this week — along with strong financial earnings — that just 62 per cent of its wireless subscribers were on smartphones. That's up from last year, but still means that tens of millions of people still haven't made the jump. My question is: who are they? And do they need our help? [AT&T]


    I still rock the Nokia 6020 - I've had it for six years and it still works to perfection. It doesn't last a week between charges any more , but it gets a great signal, makes calls and texts, and fits nicely in my pocket alongside my smokes and my lighter.
    Having said that, though, I hate the bastard and am upgrading to a Galaxy as soon as this month's credit runs out.

    I resent the term "dumbphone".

    My phone is an old Nokia. 6100 I think, only "upgraded" to it (a spare Dad had picked up from the old phones bin at work) back at the start of '09, because my 8250's mic inexplicably stopped working. Think I had that one since maybe '02, possibly as late as '04. I dislike a lot of things about the new one, but a few things it does better than the old one make it bearable. Kinda need to replace the battery though, it's not living up to the old standards any more.

    Also a similar situation to Chomolonzo. I don't call anyone and hardly ever text, so all those plans are ridiculously expensive to me. My prepaid setup has me spending $50 every 7 months or so.

    I use a dumbphone. or at least what I would classify as one. I had the iPhone 3G when it came out in aus but quickly switched back to a candy bar Nokia when I realised the 4 day battery life outweighed the benefits of an iPhone.. I now use an iPod touch for music and still have a Nokia - it's bulletproof.

    i gotta backup dumb phone.... nokia green screen with the torch. it never breas, never runs out of batt and ive used it in multiple countries cos dumb telstra locked my iphone. even when i broke my screen they gave me a replacement phone which was still locked to telstra. it wont even work in new zealand with a NZ sim card... so dumb phone is smart phone

    Still use my trusty LG fliptop, 6 years old and still going strong.

    Pre-teens should all use dump phones. Since if they are given smart phones, they do dumb things with the cameras of the smart phones and they end up with a police record.

    You should make an article 'How many of Your Friends still use Facebook'

    I don't have friends, so this problem does not effect me.

    "I shook my head in dispair". Why? What in the world makes you believe that just because a smartphone fits your needs, that everyone else should have one? I know for a fact that my 55+ mother doesnt need a smartphone even though she has an LG Optimus One P500. She only uses it to make calls, sms and now because I set her up with it, emails. Lets get over this mentality of "I cant believe that person doesnt have an iDevice, smartphone, tablet, apple TV, foxtel, xbox etc". Seriously. Some people just dont need all that shit. To them its unnecessary and moreso, expensive. Even if they can afford it, sometimes they dont gain much benefit from such technologies so why waste the money on them?

    All these comments and no one has considered that some people just can't afford a smartphone, some people can barely afford to live, not everyone lives the same way as you.

    IF your life revolves around your so-called 'smartphone', YOU need help.

    People's standard of living is getting higher and higher use of Dumbphones less and less, and everyone likes with iphone4 or other brand of intelligent machines

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