How BlackBerry Tackles Its App Backlog: Bali

How BlackBerry Tackles Its App Backlog: Bali

Two facts that might surprise: Research In Motion has a backlog of applications awaiting approval for its BlackBerry App World app store. And the staff who run the approval process all work in Bali. Anyone ready for a quick move to Indonesia?

RIM hosted its BlackBerry Jam developer event in Sydney today, and that was one of the more striking nuggets to emerge. According to Alec Saunders, VP of developer relations, right now there’s “a bit of a bottleneck” in getting apps approved. The process can take three or four days; RIM wants to get that down to one.

To achieve that goal, its team is being expanded. Right now, there are 19 staff working on the process. Saunders expects that to rise to 29 by the end of the quarter.

Apple has a similar app approval process, and apparently attracting staff is difficult. Saunders said the Indonesian location makes that less of a problem. “It’s an attractive place to live. We haven’t had a great deal of difficulty.”

Image: e27Singapore