Hipsters Try To Explain The Higgs Boson

It might surprise you to learn that hipsters aren't all that smart. It's for this reason that we're proud to bring you, hipsters trying to explain what the Higgs boson is.

Out of all the hipsters interviewed, only one knew what it was because she "watched the news".

Here are some of the better answers to the question, "what is the Higgs boson?":

-Hicks Boulton. -Famous German entrepeneur. -A load of shit. -A band. -An art installation. -A creepy European man that goes around flashing people.

I'll have what they're smoking. Thanks to Andrew Colley for pointing us to this. [MSN Now]

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    Yeah, its totally broken. Worse than the back button loop.

    Found it | http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m3-4Ez7Kc-o

      hehehe. Nice! Stupid hipsters. Don't read the news.

    Could that mean that Americans (in general) are uneducated and narrow minded which is brought upon by means of which media is distributed; emphases on celebrity and gossip news rather than hard scientific and environmental issues.

    Such a lack of awareness of the outside world is shocking and disturbing. The Higgs Boson didn't just pop into the news yesterday, that was the loudly stated goal of the LHC even before it was built years and years ago! If people haven't heard of the Higgs particle in all that time they need to stop obsessing over their new fancy stripy hipster duds and start learning about the world outside themselves.
    Too disturbing to be funny. :(

    Williamsburg is the most depressing part of New York. People are far too self concious there.

    I like the irony of assuming knowledge of the HB defines smartness when the author is a vanilla internet tech blogging hack. Pretention begets pretention in the arts community el oh el.

    Its the dihydrogen monoxide experiment at a sub atomic level.

    Er, you mock the one aware person ( who they chose to put in their video) because she got her information from the news? How the hell is anyone who's not a physicist meant to hear about it?

    I wouldn't mind betting that some of these people have heard of it but not really paid attention to it in the news. I have never ever been able to understand how pretending (or actually) being unaware or acting dumb can be seen as funny or cool.

    Who the hell is hipster? Is that even a word?

    This is stupid. So what if someone doesn't know what the Higgs Boson is? I'm sure there are lots of things you don't know, like that Poseidon Calligraphy are playing this week at Granola.

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