Hidden Test Video Shows What Life In A Computer Factory Is Really Like

Have you ever wondered how your computer gets made? Ever thought about the people who put it together? What about how life is like inside a computer factory? This video, which was found inside a brand new HP laptop, answers all your questions.

A Reddit user recently bought a HP laptop and found this test video inside the My Documents folder of a factory worker testing out the laptop's camera feature. The voyeuristic video shows a glimpse of the monotonous life inside: sitting, testing the same gear over and over, more sitting, more testing, etc. The conveyor belt of the same new gadget is endless. Supposedly, the video was taken in the Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City in Chongqing. Props for the opera, factory guy. [Reddit via TechCrunch]


    And so a star is born!

    I look forward to seeing him frequently on Memebase over the next few months.

    ha ha ha.
    A riveting cinematic experience.

    They have a Hal 9000 supervising computer factories.

    Yep, there they are, installing all the useless pre-installed software we all love.

    Launchers, keyboard hotkeys, power management utils, support software, printer utils and of course webcam software.

    On a serious note, I'd like to thank you all you underpaid overworked factory workers, without you, I wouldn't have any of the gadgets I love. I hope the world starts treating people better.

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