Hidden Portals Found In Earth's Magnetic Field

According to NASA, Jack Scudder, who is a researcher at the University of Iowa, has found "hidden portals on Earth's magnetic field [that] open and close dozens of times each day". Some of them are open for long periods of time.

Scudder says that these portals "create an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun's atmosphere" 150 million kilometres away.

Called X-points, or electron diffusion regions, they are located a few tens of thousands of kilometres from Earth. The portals are created through a process of magnetic reconnection in which lines of magnetic force from both celestial bodies mingle and criss-cross through space. The criss-crossing creates these x-points.

The portals are "invisible, unstable and elusive", opening and closing without any warning. When they open, however, they are capable of transporting energetic particles at high speed from the sun's atmosphere to Earth's atmosphere, causing geomagnetic storms.

There's a way to locate them, and Scudder has found it. He uses data by NASA's THEMIS spacecraft and the ESA's Cluster probes, following crucial clues found in the data from NASA's Polar spacecraft, which studied Earth's magnetosphere in the late 1990s:

Using Polar data, we have found five simple combinations of magnetic field and energetic particle measurements that tell us when we've come across an X-point or an electron diffusion region. A single spacecraft, properly instrumented, can make these measurements.

This is what the magnetic portals look lik on the data gathered by NASA's Polar spacecraft.

NASA is getting ready such a spacecraft in its Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission -- four ships will be deployed around Earth and "surround the portals to observe how they work". The spacecraft will launch in 2014. [NASA]

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    Here's an idea.... If you want to know "how they work", build some type of drone that can be put into this portal, and see what happens! That sounds more fun than just deploying a few spacecrafts surrounding the portal to observe it.

      I agree with you.

      But it still sounds pretty fun.

      I think that this trip is to find out where they pop up. Once they can predictably find them they can then throw something into one.

    So that's where those pesky ufos keep popping out of......

      Now you're thinking with portals!

    Just get mythbusters to throw Buster in there and see what comes out the other site.

    Sooooooo, there's no portal gun yet. Should NASA call this branch APETURE?

    so nothing bigger then a highly charged particle (or wave i'm not sure) can fit inside these "portals" and the only place you can come from is the sun and it basically has to align with a planet which has a magnetic field (so mar's is out of the question right), and of course the only way this will work is by being ejected from one the hottest places in the solar system at spends close to that of light speed, to be splatted against the earth? sounds like a portal system we could use here on earth.

    hmmm i'm sure it great science and everything but connecting it to the concept of say a door way that allows you to go from one point to another point instantaneously is a bit of a stretch?

    Its like writing a blog post title "Melissa Theuriau to spend a night with the entire gizmodo readership" and then finding the post is about some dense article on quantum mechanics Many-worlds interpretation which mentions in passing that there is possibly a world where Melissa Theuriau has decided to attempt to sleep with every single gizmodo reader on the planet.

    can you bother us only when there is a functional portal/teleportation system?

      You getting ahead of yourself here mate. A portal does not a worm hole make.

      A doorway, gate, or other entrance.

        Thankyou Osiris, lots of folks who think a gap in the planet's magnetosphere somehow equates to a wormhole ITT. "Portal" was the researcher's word choice, Giz are allowed to use that word for its actual definition - irrespective of videogame pop-culture.

    My question: is it possible to use these energy connections for energy extraction?

    Like a solar electron pump of sorts

    Does this mean that points on Earth under the 'portals' would reliably be more energetic? I wonder if we could use the energy somehow; harnessing the power of the auroras would be very sci-fi indeed.

      I wonder if these would make for a nice location to set up some monitoring equipment?


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Is there other portals that are ceated whith other stars that emitting energy?

    how about using these portals to draw free energy from sun? doesnt it sound good?

    Aperture will be knocking on the door annnyyyy minute now.

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