Here's How Much It Would Cost To Be Iron Man

One of the thing that makes Iron Man so darned appealing is that he's just a guy -- a brilliant and terrifically fit guy with giant piles of money, sure, but still a guy. We could have that gig if we were properly funded. In fact, here's how much we'd need to make our Iron Man dreams a reality.

Warning: Do not read if you actually had any hope that you or anyone else on this planet could actually afford this ever.

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    Considering i have a spare $5 bil id like three custom units please

      $5 support on an Ironman kickstarter page?

    you could do it much cheaper than this.

    The missile/gun systems and the computer/HUD system would have been developed using government funding. The arc reactor would have had little to no development costs, since the tech had already been developed prior to iron man coming into existence and given the current US economic climate, you could probably pick up a house like that for like $12-$15mil

    lol, it's not that much, if it really only cost that much to make I'm sure we would have a couple of billionaires flying around being all invincible.

    I'm sure Richard Branson would have done it, and Bill Gates could set all 3 of his kids up as Iron Men/Women and still have a fortune.

    Now what about the Iron Lady?

      People would pay to be Margaret Thatcher?

        You sir, win at life.

    I feel like getting a kickstarter up and running...anyone willing to donate?

    36 million for an arc reactor seems pretty cheap to me, I would have guessed each suit alone would be 1 billion.

      Yeah you are right... it is a bargain :P

      Yeah, a key point of Iron Man 2 was Tony's unwillingness to hand over the technology to the US Government; An entity that spends in excess of a Trillion dollars (including interest on war loans) EVERY YEAR on just the Military. And yet, not one government in the marvel universe could afford the technology, or develop it themselves.

        He is supposed to be a cross between Edison, Tesla, and Bill Gates. Imagine someone who is WAY ahead of his time, plus has the marketing ability and money along with attitude to back it up.

    Damn youuuuu Tonyyyy Starrrkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suit Disassembly Track from The Avengers: $53,550,gazillionty dollars.

    I can make up random numbers too.

    U.S. Military budget could totally afford this!

    Sorry these seem more like R&D costs, not actual amortised production costs. Sure if you are just making the suit for one guy, but if the tech is massed produced costs would rapidly drop. As though a heads up display is actually worth $56 million, although I'm sure the US military would easily waste that amount.

    Wow, actually relatively cheap!

    The Shelby Cobra is NOT a $45,000 car. It is at least $500,000+ depending on racing history. Therefore, this article loses all credibility.

    Don't forget that Tony Stark developed all of this on his own. So a large part of the R&D costs would be negligible since he would have been doing this in his own time, not earning a salary or keeping staff.

    Oh Comeon Now! 10mil for Jarvis. I'll wait till he is ported to the Ouya for $99 (plus $20 for shipping).

    Get Justin Hammer to make it for you. It won't work, but it'll be annoying as hell.

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