Have You Ever Used Your Thunderbolt Port? Ever? For Anything?

Thunderbolt was one of the killer features last year. 10 gigabits! But since then there have been a few Thunderbolt products, and a few comically absentee ones, but it feels like most of us have never even used the port -- Mini Displayport double duty notwithstanding.

Anyone getting actual use out of the thing, or is it as abandoned as it feels?


    I have an external thunderbolt SSD hooked up to boot my 27" iMac, and it is faster than an internal SSD/HDD Combo.

    i use a mini display port to hdmi adapter to connect my laptop to the tv.

    As of today, I am using the 1TB buffalo thunderbolt drive. Could not of come sooner.

      *have, not of.

      Have you used USB 3.0, and how do the transfer speeds compare?

        *Could not have come sooner than a virgin in a brothel

      "Could not have come sooner". Or "could not've come sooner".

        Couldn't have


    Been using it for over 6 months now. But I've attached thunderbolt to express card converter then goes to matrox mxo2. So not really pure thunderbolt

    I've used Thunderbolt on macs for deploying SOE's. Waiting for Thunderbolt to gain a little more ground in the PC world, I see Drobo are releasing a 5 bay storage device with 2x thunderbolt and 1x usb3, could be a nice option if I'm in the market for something like that.

    to connect my second screen

    What a surprise. At least if you bought a Vaio-Z it uses Thunderbolt all the time. I think the way that works is much more how the technology should be used.

    Use it with Thunderbolt VGA adapter for my Macbook Air to connect it to projectors at my workplace.

    ....no, I fill it with dust out of spite.

    imac 27inch + 27inch thunderbolt display.
    I'd like to get an external hdd or a dock like Belkin has teased, but the hdds are too expensive.

    I've used it to screen share my MacBook Air screen to my 27" iMac.
    I'm waiting for more peripherals to become available - hubs to USB 2/3 would allow them all to run full speed; and external HDD adapters supporting SSDs would be nice.
    We're still at the beginning of the cost curve - waiting for production volumes to push prices down.

    I use one of my thunderbolt ports for ethernet on my MBP/R. Also for DVI sometimes.

    I really want to. So much hype about this technology. Personally I just want a simple Thunderbolt card reader would be sweet.

    If they exist please let me know!

    Thunderbolt Display. Works great. Thunderbolt to Gig-ethernet when out and about.


    Luckily you can dvi out of that thing so I have some use for it.

    Intel's Chief River mobile platform includes Thunderbolt. This, along with USB 3 simultaneously will be appearing in a number of Laptop models in the coming months.
    Toshiba for eg are using it.
    So it's not a dead or dying technology

    I use it every day with my Thunderbold display

    One of the reasons I went with Asus for my new Z77 board is that it has a thunderbolt header for an add on card they will be releasing later. I figured it would be good to at least have the option.

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