Hands-Free Toilet Paper Dispenser Is One Less Thing To Touch In Public Bathrooms

No one enjoys using a public restroom, but it's a necessary evil. And an evil that's made slightly more tolerable with Shikoku's new Camitool hands-free toilet paper dispenser that joins the ranks of faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers that never have to be touched.

In addition to minimising the spread of germs since you never have to touch the roll, the Camitool can dispense toilet paper in three specific lengths -- from about 24 to 48 inches -- which helps cut down on waste. An extra-sanitary plastic version is available now for $US750, and is already in use in places like hospitals where cleanliness is most important. But a $US1,200 wooden luxury version can also be custom ordered for home use. Now all that's left is to develop toilets, door handles, and bathroom floors we never have to touch. [DigInfo TV]


    God, its the people who are too afraid to touch stuff who make toilets so filthy!

    They won't put the seat up, and piss all over the toilet and floor. Then they won't flush so their filth just sits there stinking up the place. Then they leave toilet paper everywhere cos they're too precious to touch the door.

    You know who you are, you filthy bastards!

    Cue the delinquents waving their hands in front of this thing and needlessly dispensing kilometers of paper...

    I don't care about touching the toilet paper dispenser, what I care about is the toilet door after I've washed my hands! Why can't they make the doors hinge outwards so I can push them open with my elbow or shoulder and not have to touch the handle along with the inconsiderate sods who haven't washed their hands!

      +1 million!

        Now thats an idea :)

    I don't think iv ever needed to touch the toilet paper dispenser.. unless its for a new roll.. other than that i just touch the toilet paper..?.. maybe I'm doing it wrong as it seems like everyones gota touch the dispenser for some reason?

    24-48 inches!! there is no way that can be correct. who needs 2 feet of toilet paper at a time? I suppose you would then futer tear it, but still... seems like an odd desicion.

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