Hackers Grab 1 Million Logins From Android Forum

Phandroid has announced that a hacker has recently accessed its user database, making off with usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords -- and the problem looks like it could affect all of its one million-plus users.

In a forum post announcing the problem, administrators explained that the hack was most likely an email harvesting scheme. While Phandroid users should watch their inboxes for spam, the forum also suggests that users should immediately change their passwords. [Phandroid via ZDNET]


    Allow me to be the first to observe that this would never happen to Apple fansite ;-)

      You realise this has nothing to do with Android itself but that the community forum simply uses vBulletin? Much like countless other gaming/culture/tech websites? What makes you think it wouldn't happen to an Apple fansite other than partisan trolling?

        Pretty sure he isn't being serious.....like 98% sure

      You do also realise that it also depends what sort of control panel the forum uses to host? (cPanel or Plesk) and Plesk had a vulnerability issue at the moment with their control panel, see Billabong and nVidia being hacked. Google it. It has nothing to do with 'Android' or 'Apple' itself, lighten up.

    ^ Is it because Apple users are too cool to hang out on nerdy internet forums? ;-)

      More likely that the forum has some sort of flash in it so the apple users can't hang out there even if they wanted to.

        Haha Just make the login script in flash and bam. No more unwanted signups

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