Guest'd: A Lovely, Modern Way To Keep Track Of Your Visitors

My mother loves to entertain, and when I was a kid she started keeping a guest book. People who visited our home would sign it, along with a little note and their address. I still like looking back at it now because it brings up memories of family gatherings and celebrations. While the concept might sound a bit archaic, hospitality is not. And Guest'd is bringing it into the modern age.

What Does It Do?

It's a digital guest book meant for the iPad and iPhone that helps you keep track of the people who have visited you. They can fill in up to 10 different pieces of information — birthday, company, address, website, email, and just about any other vital piece of data you'd like to know. You can then sync all of it to the cloud, so you'll always have it on hand wherever you go.

Why do we like it?

Filled with original art that you can use to customise your book, Guest'd is absolutely beautiful. These backgrounds come in many different styles, with drawings, paintings, photos of different colour schemes and themes. In the event those don't suit your fancy, you can create your own with a downloadable template. (Check out some examples on the Guest'd Pinterest page). It's not just for the home, either. If you have a business and you like to keep track of your clientele, this is much better than leaving a legal pad out on the counter. [Design Boom]


Download this app for: iOS ($10.49) The best: gorgeous art The worst: super pricey

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