Google's Stopped Selling 16GB Nexus 7 Tablets Because They're Too Popular

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is so popular that sales had to be suspended to try to catch up with demand. Units that were ordered up until last week will be delivered on time.

The shortage comes because Google was taken totally off guard by how popular the 16GB model would be. It had expected the $249 8GB model to be the big seller. That hasn't happened, though. Instead, the $299 16GB model has been a massive, surprising success.

This will probably be a minor setback at worst for Google and the Nexus 7. But hopefully it's also a wake-up call for Google and its competitors that the battle to catch the iPad isn't just a race to the bottom. [Guardian via Techmeme]



    Obviously to any persons view, 16GB is better than having just only 8GB of storage. Google should just drop the 8gb altogether and focus on 16gb

      Or bring out a model with expandable storage. Now there's an idea.


        Or drop the 8GB and replace it with a 32GB and sell it for $349. Want.

    Something about all these reports smells terribly fishy. Until we see or hear specific numbers, I'm not totally convinced. One local Best Buy store told me they received 3, so it wasn't too hard for them to sell out.

    Hey Google, you know what this proves? That people WANT MORE STORAGE! Just give us 32gb or more or, even better, a Micro SD slot!!! Seriously, for those of us outside the US without streaming music, and with crappy data, we NEED this. Just give the customer what they want!

      Just as I said in my earlier comment. Honestly, how they can market this as a media consumption device and not include a microSD slot is beyond silly. It's a massive oversight. It would have cost them virtually nothing to include a microSD slot, a few bucks per unit at most. They wouldn't have even needed to include a microSD card with it, just to have the option there would have been enough. It's not hard to fill 16GB with media. Just a few HD movies would be enough.

      I know Google is pushing it's cloud based storage and stuff but here in Australia where our broadband is lagging behind the rest of the developed world and most of our ISP's still have archaic data caps it's pretty unrealistic to expect us to store gigabytes of data in the cloud - especially given the thing doesn't even have 3G so we couldn't retrieve that data on the road even if we wanted to. Just give us the option of more storage please.

      This is the major reason I haven't and will not buy a Nexus 7. There are other reasons, such as the lack of 3G and the gimped Play store, but I'd be prepared to overlook them if the thing just had a damn microSD slot.

        Agree with everything. *HARRUMPH* Seriously, I love my GNex, but the storage issue just $hits me to tears. At least let us mount USB drives without having to root!

      More storage is all well and good. However tablets are more focused on cloud based storage solutions these days and rarely need stupid amounts of storage. I highly doubt someone who has a 50gb MP3 directory is going to want to listen to every song in a moments notice......... Also having hard wired storage becomes the Achilles heel for these sorts of devices in that usually if your device is trashed, say goodbye to your data. Since I started using Google cloud services about 3 years or so ago, I have never lost a single contact, web address link/favorite, photo, song, etc because they're all synced on the cloud.

      People who rely too heavily on wired in/removable storage on devices like these are asking for trouble.

        See above for my thoughts on the cloud.

          Also having cloud storage becomes the Achilles heel for these sorts of devices in that usually if google decides to change policy, say goodbye to your data.

          There, FTFY

    "will be delivered on time."

    Good luck - my order placed with the play store on June 28th, which was shipped from Hong Kong on Jul 18 is STILL sitting in Sydney on Jul 23, a long way from WA where it is meant to be delivered!

    So much for the 2 day shipping I paid for.

      Weird! Mine arrived directly from Singapore to Perth last Wednesday. A day early too!

    Errr, so I'm assuming this is wrong then?

    Pre-ordered my Nexus 7 16Gb on June 29th, got an email from Google on 18th July saying it was assigned a tracking number, and delivered to my door 12pm on 20th July. Such a great device to go with my Galaxy Nexus - but it does need a microSD slot for increased storage... NFC between the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 is great too!!
    I'm not concerned about the lack of 3G as I just tether from my phone to the N7 when I'm away from Wifi hotspots. Love the graphics in games designed for the Tegra 3 too!!

      Also 'rooted' the tablet the second I got it, and running Modaco custom ROM and the thing is just as amazing as the Galaxy Nexus. Strongly recommend downloading the Nova Launcher (pay for the Prime - $4.00) for sexy animations, and hand gestures to open things!

    The 16GB is still available for sale on the Google Play store for Australia, the status for that has not changed it is still : Ships Soon as it has been for the last couple of weeks. In the US they have changed the status but not here in Australia

      Sorry Daniel. Did you expect an Australian site to provide revelant Australian content?

      Silly Daniel.

    It's still for sale in Australia? If you go to the Australian Google Play Devices store you can see that it is shipping in 1-2 weeks, rather than 3-5 days.

    I got my 16GB nexus7 from JB Hifi.... and they said it was one of the last that they had... i live in a rural area...

    damn this better not affect my replacement unit that I've requested. I've got a whole line of dead/stuck/inactive pixels on the bottom of my screen.

    Just a quick question with all the ragging on the 16GB and no SD card slot, isn't that also the case with the iPad which is a media consumption device aswell? Also JB chaddy just got a shipment in, I'm headed down there this arvo to pick it up..

    and they're back..

    Just think, though, if you can't expand the memory, you have to stream more. I'd say they want you to pay for streaming services and that's why they don't want to have a slot.

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