Google's Nexus 7 Is The Worst Gadget To Unbox

The unboxing video is a tired trope of tech blogging, but that doesn't mean we can't find new ways to embarrass ourselves with it. Like, for example, every tech blogger in the world failing miserably and hilariously to open the stupid box. Way to rage against the spaghetti-armed stereotypes, comrades. [YouTube via Business Insider]


    love it

    A video of some retarded yanks that can't open a box - very ammusing!

      Some tool trying to cut the tape with a plastic collar stay, yanks.

    May need to take some annual leave just to open the damn box.

    That was hilarious. :D

    It still raises the question as to WTF they made it such a chore to get out :S Sure, being different has it's perks, but this is a bit ridiculous

      Secure packaging for an expensive product. I didn't see anything difficult about that at all.

      1. Slide the sleeve off.
      2. Use a sharp knife or stanley knife to cut the tape.
      3. Open the box. (Ive opened worse)
      4. Take the film off?

      The fails in this video were plenty because they were trying to be 'different' in how they did it. Morons. All of them.

    Halfway through I yelled "HERE LET ME DO IT.......oh"

      You're not the only one friend, you're not the only one...

    Way to piss off a consumer before they've even started using your product. Haven't see someone drop the ball that substantially since Phil Tufnell toured.

      They see me trollin'
      They hatin'

      Who gives a crap if its hard to take it out of the box? You only need to do it once, and many things come in packaging that is bloody impossible to open.

        Blister Packs, I HATE blister packs. cant open them by hand.. cant use normal scissors have to use garden shears.

    I like the catchphrase at the end... "The playground is open".... if you can manage it

    Haven't these guys got a single box cutter amongst them?

    And this is what happens when you let the engineers design the box too. To within wonderful tolerance. (Says the tech who spends a lot of time fixing engineers mistakes because they sometimes don't realise that the real-world doesn't always fit with theory. You want a 64ohm resistor. Seriously?)

    Seems like these guys need a lesson from Dr Paul

      Google statement * When we design the original packaging we realised Apple had patented that process...sorry ROFLcopter *

    Nexus 7: The playground is open, the boxes won't

    No THIS is the funniest unboxing video of all time;

    There is tape on the box - OH MAN WHAT DO WE DO!? ITS GAME OVER MAN ITS GAME OVER!

    Google rocks!!!

    "We've been working hard...."
    - Now it's you turn ...

    Nokia's Linux codebox opening was better.

    "Don't be evil". Just be fucking annoying instead.

    PLBBAC Problem lies between box and chair

    This just goes to prove that "unboxing" videos are done by idiots for idiots. I only want to see someone remove a device from a container if they'll actually be showing how it functions afterwards. Just getting a device out of a box does not constitute an interesting event.

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