Google's Jelly Bean Mascot Melts In The Sun

Google's Jelly Bean mascot has only been standing outside Google HQ for a week, but it's not coping well with the Californian heat. According to Android engineer Dan Morrill, the statue's head partially melted in the sun and then popped off.

To add insult to injury, a passerby made off with one of the jelly beans inside. The little robot has since been cordoned off. Poor Android. [Dan Morill via The Verge]

Image: Dan Morrill


    My first thought when it was originally shown was that they must've used some hardy plastic to make the shell and for that matter, the beans, but apparently not!

    Looks like the Google engineers need to step away from the 'puter for a while and see what's up in the real world.
    That big ol' daystar is much brighter and hotter than anything they can generate on a screen.
    Looks like it caught them out.

    I understand that Google will patch the problem soon with an update.

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