Google's First Nexus 7 Commercial Is Adorable

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is so popular that the 16GB model is sold out on the Google Play store. And that was without any commercials behind it. Here's the Nexus 7's first -- about camping.

Yes, the Nexus is Wi-Fi only, but hey, the video accounts for that, sort of. Or you could carry a hotspot, or tether, or whatever. What matters is this is adorable. [GoogleNexus via TNW]


    Not sure I want my tech to be adorable? I find the Nexus 7 disappointing in many ways. The screen is small, Chrome browser is OK but lacks Flash player in Jelly Bean. Keyboard is an issue in landscape mode as I hit Home button many times instead of Space bar. WiFi strangely connects to a open network automatically without asking me. But won't connect to my home network? Some have experienced quality control issues.
    Mine has a brightness flicker which I might have solved with a restore. All in all for $200 its a better alternative to a Kindle Fire or Nook tablet. But not on the same level as a Apple iPad.

    You mean using the wifi from home?

      Hence the hint in the article as to not spoil the ending :)

    I want one

    Going down to eb games on Wednesday to put in my order for a 16gb version. :)

    They forgot to include in the clip where they use the Nexus as a plate for the sausage :-D

    Camping with your dad would be so boring without the Nexus.

    So far looking at the ad. an ipad could have dine the same exact thing, they need to show in the ad. that apple cannot do it.

      How about: "does the exact same thing as an iPad, for less than half the price" ?

    So far looking at the ad. an ipad could have done the same exact thing, they need to show in the ad. that apple cannot do it.

      I think the point here is, Apple can do all those things as well but for double the price.

    As mentioned in a previous post, the 16Gb version is NOT SOLD OUT IN AUSTRALIA.
    It is available from the Google Play Store in Australia

    The problem with Android devices (Nexus 7 and SGS3 in particular) is that they show less of the device and its functionality and more of other fluff that doesnt mean much. If youre selling the device, show the device. Apple does this without wasting its air time on fluff. They want you to see straight up what the device is capable of in 30 seconds. Seriously seeing this advert doesnt make me want to go out to buy the device because I have, after 60 seconds of watching it, little idea of its greater capabilities other than a compass, watching a movie, and using Google Earth. Dumb.

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