Google Enables Street View Of Antarctica

Ever wanted to explore Antarctica but later figured out you were too lazy and broke to even try? Google's got your back. It has gone and captured Street View imagery of the place for you to enjoy.

With the help of the Australian Antarctic Division, Google managed to capture 360-degree images of some of Antarctica's most significant landmarks as part of the World Wonders Project. Landmarks captured by the web giant for your pleasure include Scott's Hut from the early Antarctic expeditions, the South Pole Telescope and the Ceremonial South Pole.

There are even a few penguins to be spied! Aww.

You can get into the imagery here.



    making streetview images helps when there are no streets!

    Here's why I'm an idiot: I didn't realise our feed covered this overnight. Oh well! Double the Antarctic awesomeness. Now back to our usual programming.

    They didn't need to use cameras, they could have just loaded Photoshop and did a scene with white bottom and blue fade on the top, Done!

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