Google Australia's Engineering Director Explains Why We Don't Need Google Fiber

When Google Fiber was released to Kansas City residents yesterday, the world went nuts about 1000Mbps (1Gbps) fibre broadband for $US70 per month, and Australian's -- despite the fact that the NBN is happening -- began to pine for super fast internet of their own. Alan Noble is the engineering director of Google Australia, and he says that there's absolutely no need for Google Fiber Down Under. Here's why.

Noble took to Google Plus yesterday to share the news about the Fiber project and said that the web giant is doing it in the US for the same reason the company thinks the NBN is a good idea: "because high-speed broadband spurs innovation".

A curious follower of Noble's stuck his neck out and suggested that Google could offer a Fiber-like service running at 1Gbps for Australians in the same way that No ISP is doing it -- as a co-operative, non-profit venture for tech savvy Australians.

The follower, Scott Weston, said that Google Australia should became a local ISP, adding that if it did, he'd know that there was at least one provider pushing for Gigabit speeds over fibre for their customers.

Noble said that there was just no need for Google to become an ISP in Australia because eventually, everyone would have Gigabit speeds:

"In theory, the NBN should fulfill that need in Australia. Restricting the NBN to 100Mbps speeds is purely a commercial decision, not a technical one. There is no technical reason the NBN could not run at Gbps speeds.

So if you're jumping up and down about Google Fiber and pining for it at your house, head over to NBN Co's roll-out map and see when the NBN will arrive in your area. The reason you're probably excited about Fiber is because the government isn't as good at making pretty instructional videos about fibre networks as Google is.



    The title of this post made me think that google didn't think Australia needed fiber at all and was therefore against the NBN, not what the article actually says which is that google just doesn't need to do the job that the government should and is doing.

    Way to make a provocative title to get views!

      I concur, misleading title

      I agree. the title should have been:
      "Google won't build a much needed fibre network in Australia, because the Government already is"

        So you are an advocate for the NBN ?

        me too ! waheeee !

        so many haters sheeesh

      I like the video and the music. My head was bopping.
      Love this song.

    So they think we do need fibre..

      yes but they dont see the reason to set it up them selves when nbn could do it

    I bet fairfax picks this up and mis-reports it to show google as anti-NBN.

    Didn't intend to mislead with the headline. Assumed that people knew the difference between fibre, fiber and Fiber.

      and how exactly are you supposed to tell the difference in the title? I don't see how it can be read it any other way than that google doesn't think we need fibre, fibre.

        It's the US spelling of fibre and you can't get three words into the article without seeing it's a proper noun that links back to the detailed post explaining what it is.

          Luke made an error in judgement, apologised and corrected the error. Geez guys, stop being knobs.

      When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME!

      Luke, the meaning in the heading was more than clear enough. Suggesting you were trying to be misleading is idiotic..

    "So if you’re jumping up and down about Google Fiber and pining for it at your house, head over to NBN Co’s roll-out map and see when the NBN will arrive in your area."

    Sigh, my suburb isn't getting fibre.

      it will, in time young person.

        Please to be revising your statement for 2016, thanks muchly.

    Fibre, Fiber.... trying to confuse the issue...
    Alternate spelling for the same thing.... (Its an etymology thing)
    Fibber would be more along the lines of the title....

    I hate the NBN rollout map. Almost everywhere has construction starting "within three years." Means nothing and is clearly designed to be as vague as possible.

      I get internet in 2015! Way to go, suburban areas!

        So you posted that comment using your magic internet-connected psychic powers?

      Almost everywhere has nothing planned at all. If you're in a within three years area then I'm quite envious of you actually.

        Then I'm sure you would love to hear about how my area is getting it in 1 Years time and my cousin already has it :D

    Their going to bring it out slowly and painfully

    The NBN isn't even coming to my house within the next 3 years. Time to settle for ADSL2+...

      Telstra do a bang up quality job of ADSL 2+. You get:

      * FREEE disconnects when it rains
      * FREEE line sync drop (ie you need your port reset)
      * FREEE un-reliable internet
      * FREEE Automatic line sync downspeed to dialup speeds when it rains, because its rainy and Telstra is a sad

        I'm in the bush and we get bucket loads of rain. Telstra ADSL2+ has been totally reliable and fast. Go to Optus and find out what disappointment means.

          I used to have ADSL2+ in Sydney and had continual drop outs and
          issues with the line. Turns out there were ants and bugs in one of
          the boxes eating up all the cables (or some how getting in the way
          and causing problems) Now I live directly across the road from a
          Telstra exchange and I get pretty much the max theoretical speed
          for ADSL2+ :-D

    Gigabit does not equal Gigabyte..........1000MBS = 120MBS

      Don't you mean 1000 Mb = 120 MB?
      B = byte, b=bit

      no. 1000 mbs = 125 MBS. You had them in the same unit which does not make sense. And 125 MBS is extremely fast

    Bad title. Australia does need fibre jut not necessarily Google fibre. Please get it right next time.

    I have subsequently changed the headline. It now reads badly but each to their own.

      I don't see how it reads badly at all. For a start it's no longer misleading. The 1000/400 speeds are going to be released either later this year or sometime in the first half of next year.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    If the only people have to complain about is their own opinion of something... Then don't give in to it. It's a title. You named it what you wanted it to. Titles are meant to be descriptive but also pull you in. Maybe they should get over it and just read... Keyboard warriors dismissed :)

    I iz good a phrasing too.

    I meant to say "if the only thing that people"

    Plus now it takes the grammar police's focus away from Gizmodo for a little while :)

    The music reminds me of Sonic on XBOX.

      It's Just What I Needed by The Cars!

    can you at least correct the sentence "When Google Fiber was released to Kansas City residents yesterday, the world went nuts about 1000Mbps (1Gbps) fibre broadband for $US70 per month,"

    google has never stated that they would offer 1000MBS internet access for $70 a month, it is 120MBS for $70 a month.

      Actually, it is 1000Mbps. That is one thousand megabits per second. This equates to 128MBps, or one hundred and twenty eight megabytes per second.

      b = bit, B = byte. b*8 = B.

        Err, 125MBps, sorry. My in-head calculation is used to working with 1024, not 1000.

          Just say 128MiB/s to make sure we are well and truly confused.

          When Google says 1 Gbps do they mean 10^9 bps or 2^30 bps? Their online calculator says 1 Gbps = 1024 Mbps, which suggests the later. But their press release says 1 Gbps = 1000 Mbps, so who knows.

    I guess a red marker means we'll get the NBN in our area when hell freezes over. At least Telstra provides actual ADSL2+ speeds.

      But when you're 3k's from the exchange, ADSL2+ seems pitiful...

    wtf kind of idiot thought itd be a great idea to cap our internet speeds to 100mbps instead of 1gbps.

    possibly international connections cant match?

      well it isn't really capped at 100mbps. I remember reading in the planning docs that corporations and larger could get access to 1gbps which makes sense considering that 1-10gbps fibre loops are already avaliable and are being subsumed by the NBN as it continues its expansion.

      big question is what's going to happen to all that dark fibre lying around the place and the fibre loops that the electricity and state rail organisations created for command & control functionality.

        It is not capped. The govt announced in August 2010 that the NBN would offer 1Gbps connections. They're just not selling it as a commercial product at this stage.

      Probably to avoid copping flak from the Opposition for being excessive and expensive ("consumers don't need 1Gbps! THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU $200 MINIMUM A MONTH! RARGH!").

      In all fairness, 1Gbps for consumers is (currently) overkill, so they probably left the plans out for simplicity's sake. And I did read somewhere that business plans will be available with 1Gbps speeds from the get go.

    Lol, Australia is so far behind in the internet department, we need high speed just to stay in touch with the rest of the world, as the average internet speed increases so to does the need for Australians to not get left in the dust

    That's the problem, -could- do it, the reason they're doing in USA is because no other ISP will, because the other ISP's try to get the most profit they can for the smallest amount of work required. Don't expect to see 1gb any time soon just because we -could- get it. Remember, USA -could- also have got it any time up until now.

    Since the NBN is no longer happening due to our stupid prime minister, I take it Google will now become an ISP in Australia?

      The nbn is still going just craper fiber to node then copper from node to house but Australia needs fiber to the house not fttn

    Would very much like to see if he would now want to reconsider his statement which was quoted in this article. We won't see these speeds until Google themselves implement them.

    As a Real Technition I'm disappointed at the installs of NBN , it amuses me most of the installs iv seen are being installed by any one and should be carried out by techs with Australian communications licenceing backgrounds. Why didn't NBN search out licensed contractors to carry out all the installations not big companies , guys from small businesses who have had experience and neat workmanship and enjoy there work .
    NBN should have been available for every one Bussinesses and small home Bussiness and private homes not just restricted map zones .
    That's my say .

    Jumping forward to 2017.... "I think the NBN hit a snag somewhere, Jim. Get Google on the phone, we're gonna need some help here."

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