Google Australia Wants You And The Prime Minister To Hang Out

What's the one thing you'd ask Prime Minister Julia Gillard if you two were hanging out? Think long and hard, because soon, you'll be able to ask her thanks to a Google+ hangout.

It's all going down on July 21 at 11am AEST, so remember to comb your hair and wear something nice.

What would you ask the PM?


    Nobody likes Google+
    Nobody likes Julia Gillard

    I can see how this makes sense.

      Yes, nobody likes Julia Gillard, but no, lots of people like Google+

    I'd ask her why in this day and age, same sex marriages are not allowed when 95% of population approve it.

      I think it's because religious lobby groups have too much influence

      Check your facts, its not 95%, stop exaggerating. Try 48%, according to Morgan research, not some hipster "lets ask all the people in this night club" survey.

        Hey Kroo, are you saying morgan research don't engage in such conduct...get real. They all do..depends on what their clients want to hear. Besides, I cannot understand why gays want to embrace a rite practiced by an institution that historically has tried to destroy the lives of anyone who doesn't abide by their inane rules.

          It's because this place is like a mini-america, and the government wants to follow in their footsteps....

    Awesome... what's Google+ ?

    Hang out with someone you don't want to on a service no one uses!


    The problem with asking the PM something is you then have to listen to the inane condescending dribble that she comes out with in her annoying, nasel nails-dragging-on-blackboard voice.

      I totally agree with you Thommo & add I wonder if she thinks we are all stupid to be taken in by her & her lies

    No thanks, trying to cut back...

    Because there's a million things more important to worry about that are relevant to the entire population of Australia than the wants of ~4% of the population

    Look, I don't care what you do in private, but stop whinging like children, be glad you don't get locked up for being gay like in certain countries
    You don't see ME whinging about lack of polygamy rights, even though I would very much like to have five wives

    How about you start worrying about all the debt our country has been raking up, which is going to cause problems when the global economy starts crapping out soon. Look what is going on in Greece right now because of uncontrolled debt, because soon we will ALL be Greeks.
    Ask yourself, what is more important?
    Gay marriage or making sure you're not eating baked beans in the dark in a year's time?

    I'd ask her if we could have an election.

    When are you Introducing Air Tax, Water Tax and Biological waste tax? Also why do I not have to pay carbon tax for the carbon thats in my body?

    My only question would be is it video or text based, cause there's only so much of that voice I can stand

    Don't wish to ask her anything, but I would like to punch her in the face, and I'm not a violent person, but damn, she needs it

    I like G+ so...thought I don't like Gillard :P

    I'd ask her to tell me how big her ego is, then how stupid she thinks we think she is, then if there is anything she won't do to stay in power, then whether she has already written her resignation speech, and finally what country she thinks would be safe for her to retire to.

    Is there an App that lets you throw rotten tomatoes at her ?

    Why won`t you call an election? it`s what the people of Australia want. Another question, when will you put the needs of the Australians before the needs of other countries. I thought that was why voters chose a PM, to work to better Australia.

    I've watched a lot of politicians come and go over the last 30 years - when it comes to Julia and Abbott (pity Costello isnt still around to complete the pair), I see Julia as the lesser of two evils - Abbott scares me. I would much rather see Turnbull in charge of the Libs. Then I think politicians are all in the game for selfish reasons these days - not altruistic ideals like actually improving the way we live and our prospects for the future. These days its more a case of the people who aspire to such positions are the last ones you really want to see there.
    As for the Carbon tax, I think the same goals could have been reach a lot more easily and fairly - like manipulating depreciation rates on fossil fueled plan within the existing tax system and offering interest free loans for clean alternatives.
    I also remember a time when the Air we breath was (visibly) a lot cleaner and didn't kill as many people as it does today.

    LOL "This Video is Private" Guess Fooliah couldn't handle the negative feedback

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